Hello Monroe!

If these windy days stick around, I won’t have much raking to do! Our maples are losing their leaves at a noticeable rate now. It won’t be long before bare branches become the main view out our windows for the next six months or so.

I’m happy our family members Ashley and Daniel Ireland were able to have an intimate wedding ceremony and photographs at our farm before the landscape drastically changed. The weather and fall colors could not have been more perfect for their recent special day.

Tagging out

Congratulations to Kelsea and Damien Doughty of Knox on their successful moose hunt! The moose tagged, the 27th one spotted by them that week, weighed in at 772 pounds with a 37 1/2-inch spread. It was a whole family affair, with many memories made together.

Bruce and Ethan Stubbs of Monroe recently returned from a week-long bear hunt over hounds up in the Allagash. Both successfully tagged bear by the week’s end. We have bear ribs, steaks, roasts and burger to work into our meal rotations now!

Speedy recovery wishes

Thoughts are with Brad Aitken of Monroe who recently broke his back in an excavator incident. We hope you are staying comfortable and heal fast, Brad!

Note from our fire chief

Fire Chief Ken Clements would like to remind residents that “with cooler weather coming on, people will be firing up their wood stoves and furnaces. Please clean and inspect your heat source or have a qualified person perform the task. Also, install new batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and test your detectors monthly.”

From the Monroe church

The Monroe Community Church, UCC, has been working hard to inform, educate, and include its congregation in the process of becoming open and affirming. This process allows the church to formally, and with open arms, acknowledge and invite the LGBTQ community into its loving fold. The church is concluding this uplifting process with an upcoming vote. Only church members may vote, so if there is a question about you or your family’s member status, please contact the church clerk, Kitty Mitchell, at

Anyone interested in becoming a member may contact Pastor Bob Evans by phone at 525-3256 or by email at Remember only current members may vote.

North Branch Farm sale

On Saturday, Oct. 17, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., North Branch Farm, located at 122 Stream Road in Monroe, will be hosting a fruit tree, storage veggie (winter squash, carrots, beets, rutabaga), cheese and maybe the last bit of seed garlic sale. You’re all invited!


The Monroe Conservation Commission met at the Town Hall Monday evening, Oct. 5. Five members were in attendance.

Leslie Gregory reported that a recent trout DNA test done in Basin Pond came back positive. A core sample of 25 meters was also taken from a section of Basin Pond and an intact hemlock cone projected to be 10,000 years old collected.

Hikers enjoying the trails are reminded to wear orange this time of year, being aware that the town land at Northern Pond and Basin Pond is open to hunting.

Thank you to Rebecca Childs, Leslie Gregory and Joan Cheetham for their recent work blazing boundary lines and to Michael Norgang for fixing a disassembled section of the canoe launch board walk at Northern Pond.

Lions Club recap

Thirteen people met in the barn of Ashlie and Ethan Stubbs for the reconvened monthly Monroe Lions Club meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 6. A delicious supper of steak, squash and scalloped potatoes, chased by apple crisp, was enjoyed by all.

Members received an update on Monroe Veteran’s Park progress, with advance appreciation going out to Richard Aitken, who is slated to soon begin earth work at the site. Flag poles have been purchased and await installation. Charlie Smith of Smith’s Memorial in Searsport discussed monument options and logistics and will soon report financial breakdowns to the club.

Have a great week!