Community Builders

There will be a COVID-compliant Halloween event on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the parking lot of the Town Office. They are looking for people to sponsor a table for a walk through trick or treat event. Candy, small toys and decorations should be dropped off at the town office from Monday to Thursdays. They are also looking for volunteers to help out. Sounds like a great time for the kids in town.

Town Office

The office is closed again with the walk up window now being how business is being done. The town has a Facebook site called the Town of Stockton Springs, which is different than the private Facebook site Stockton Springs Talks.

Don’t forget the town cleanup day is Saturday, Oct. 17, with 7 a.m. roadside pickup for your items. The list of what is permissible is on the town Facebook site or call the Town Office at 567-3404.

According to the town Facebook site, the MDOT project on Route 1 is almost complete. There is a photo of the new box culvert MDOT is installing on Route 1 in Stockton Springs. It’s 200 feet long, 21 feet wide, and 10 feet high. It will certainly make the residents of Sandy Point, Muskrat Farm Road and Meadow Road happy when this project is completed. I am sure the people in Prospect will be happy as well with the detour up Route 1A going through their town. It is so unusual to drive up Route 1 without any traffic whatsoever. Not even in the worst of winter months is there no traffic on Route 1.

According to the Maine Sunday Telegram, sales of camps in our northernmost counties are up as much as 43%. Buyers from states south of Maine want to have a place to get away from COVID-19. Some prefer off-the-grid camps, while others want internet and all the amenities. Homes in Maine are also selling well.

The wind has been howling across the harbor all day long with leaves and recycling bins blowing around. All of my deck furniture has blown over and a window box planter fell off the railing. These are just warnings to everyone to get ready for winter and put the screens and summer items away. It’s time to think about snow tires and snow shovels.

There are still a lot of boats in the harbor and I think boaters were caught by surprise at the quick change from hot weather to blustery and chilly conditions. Looking across the harbor now, the leaves are almost off the trees but a few bright spots remain. White birch trunks sway in the wind and are much more visible without their leaves.

An immature eagle comes by and sits on the tree in front of my place. It tries to sit on top of the pine tree and has a hard time balancing there. A flock of turkeys on Cape Jellison Road wanders back and forth, so be careful not to hit them!

Stores are full of Halloween lights, decorations and candy. Christmas is right behind it, though, with Christmas decorations and lights on the shelves next to the Halloween things. Thanksgiving is mostly skipped over with a few turkeys on the shelves. November and December usually are such busy months, but we shall see what happens this year with people distancing themselves because of the pandemic. Stay healthy and enjoy these beautiful autumn days!

Thought for the week: “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” — Walt Whitman.