Oct. 20, 1831

The Methodist Meeting House, in Northport, will be dedicated to the service of God on Saturday 29th inst. Services to commence at ten o’clock A. M.

Oct. 19, 1855

The ship-building of Belfast for this year, though it does not stand at a high figure, is yet respectable, and speaks well for the business stamina of the place…. Messrs. Carter & Co. have contracted to build another barque of 500 tons, which makes the tonnage of this year’s business 6050. At $60 a ton the whole value would be $361,800—which makes quite a show of business for a depressed year, and speaks well for the enterprise and sagacity of our builders, who have escaped the pressure of the times and gone on without decreasing the amount of business done.

Oct. 20, 1870

The painters who inscribe prominent points with lettering, setting forth the virtues of pills and potions, are very enterprising. One of them the other day, in our streets, persuaded a charcoal dealer to allow the decoration of his cart, and shortly the vehicle was graced with beautifully shaded and huge letters, testifying to the virtues of the “Patent Back Action Bowel Persuader,” or some equally efficacious invention.

Oct. 19, 1893

A youngster in one of the Intermediate schools of Belfast is entitled to take the cake, and a piece of pie thrown in. He was given an example in division of fractions to be performed in three different ways. The boy passed in his paper with a solution across the head, one down the side, and the third across the sheet corner-wise, but all the solutions were exactly alike.

Oct. 17, 1912

The new building of Cooper & Co. stands on the site of one of Belfast’s old shipyards and in excavating for the foundation some two feet of chip dirt was found, in which were spikes, bolts, etc.

Oct. 21, 1920

Parties were in Belfast last Monday evening from Massachusetts for the purpose of securing a twenty acre field for a landing station. Orrin J. Dickey showed them several locations but no contract was made. They left their air plane in Monroe after failing to land here and came over by auto.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.