Town Office

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3. Voting will take place in the lower level of Town Hall from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. If anyone has any questions, please call the Town Hall from Monday through Friday at 567-3404.

There is now a tent enclosed on three sides at the Town Hall to do business at the takeout window.

Thank you to the women at the Town Office for all the work that they do!

The work on Route 1 seems to be almost completed and I drove up to see it this morning. It looked like MDOT was installing a new guard rail and the road is paved and ready to drive on.

Community Builders

The Stockton Springs Community Builders will be offering a COVID-compliant Halloween event on Saturday, Oct. 31, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. in the lower parking lot of the Stockton Town Office. They are looking for people to sponsor tables for a walk-through trick or treat event. They are also looking for donations of candy, small toys, decorations, and/or volunteers, as well as carved pumpkins for display. Please consider helping them make this a Happy Halloween for our kids.

Donations can be dropped off at the Town Office Monday through Thursday.

They had a successful Bingo night Oct. 13, so put it on your calendar for Tuesday, Nov. 10, at Town Hall.

Many thanks to all who helped get the town bulletin board looking good again! They plan to have a place for posters and flyers, as well as slots for businesses and rack cards that help support our community. Let them know if you would like to help. The Community Builders have a Facebook page and can be reached by messaging on that page.


Stockton Springs Community Library continues to offer "Art in the Stacks" through Oct. 31. Featured is new original work for sale from six well known Maine artists. A charming hand-embroidered Peter Rabbit quilt will also be on display in the Reading Room and the quilt will be sold by silent auction. If you have a grandchild, this would be a perfect gift. Please call 567-4147 for more information.

Milkwood Farm Stand and Crafts may be open this weekend on Cape Jellison Road again with lots of new soaps. Some of Melissa Thompson’s new soaps: Lavender Aloe, Rose Tea & Aloe, Old Fashion Pine Tar Soap, and Garden Mint. She still has three varieties of shampoo bars available also: Citrus Dandelion, Molasses Fir and Spicy Lime with Coconut Milk. She just made some whipped shaving soap for men too.

Corey Field would like to offer fall cleanup and snow plowing for the 2020/21 season: roadways, driveways and commercial areas. He is fully insured. He has over 16 years of plowing some very difficult driveways and roadways in Stockton Springs and Searsport. Please call 505-0205 or message him on Facebook.

The temperature here has been going up one day and down the next — typical of October. One day it is 37 degrees in the morning and the next day it is 55 degrees. Autumn leaves are getting scarcer on the trees.

We finally had rain this past week and expect more to come over the next two days. The grass is actually looking a bit greener now and soon there will be a final mowing. Frost by now has hit most of the vegetable garden. It’s a good time to divide perennials before the ground freezes.

According to reports, Maine is among the most popular searches on Airbnb for next year as people are flocking here to avoid the pandemic. Real estate is selling for the same reason, helped by low mortgage rates. I'm happy that the businesses that depend on tourists finally are getting customers, but I always look forward to the quiet months of the non-tourist seasons.

One day this week, a magnificent sailboat arrived to ride out the storm in Stockton Harbor. It had a massive black mainsail and mast and moored in the middle of the harbor in front of my place. One night there was so much fog and rain that their lights were barely visible. When the weather cleared, the sailboat took off, hopefully for warmer climates.

Also, saw the Stockton Harbor Oyster owners out checking their oyster farm. Seals and cormorants still chase the fish and I watched as one cormorant caught a fish, lifted its head straight up and swallowed the fish whole. It is fun to watch the goings-on down at the harbor. Still time to enjoy a picnic and sit on a bench down at the harbor!

Thought for the week: “Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive.” — Matt Cameron.