Greetings from the edge of Freedom. As I write this we are a little more than two weeks from the U.S. general election on Nov. 3. If you have not already voted and you are an eligible voter, you may vote in person at the Freedom Election Hall on Nov. 3 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Along with the election of our next president, there will also be several state and local officials on the ballot, notably in the race between MaryAnne Kinney and April Turner for the House District 99 seat currently held by MaryAnne Kinney. Personally I vote for myself, even for president, because I do not believe that there are any candidates who would actually represent me. In the words of Michael Jackson, "They don't care about us."

The Freedom Planning Board met Oct. 13 via Zoom. We deemed Jordan Fowler's application to be complete and found no issues with him opening a diesel repair shop and Maine inspection station at 146 North Palermo Road. Congratulations Jordan! I hope your business thrives.

I was also authorized by the Planning Board to contact the Maine Municipalities Association regarding our options for in person meetings. Basically I found out that the only thing we are doing "wrong" during our Zoom meetings we are currently holding is that we are not conducting votes via roll call, which is required by the force of an actual law (LD 2167), not a mandate, executive order (which carry the FORCE of law), or "guidance."

The first night of the Feast of Tabernacles I saw three skunks in our duck run. The ducks were already put away, but I threw a few rocks and scared the skunks away.

We have had an amazing week camping out and rejoicing. I absolutely LOVED the rain during Sukkot. With this being such a dry year, I was wondering if the trend I have observed in the past eight years would continue and it did. Every year during Sukkot it rains, and I could be wrong but I think it is connected to a promise from the Bible stating that the blessing for observing Sukkot is rain. Interestingly, our friends who celebrated a week earlier than us also had to deal with a lot of rain during their celebration.

For information regarding board meetings in Freedom, you can call the Town Office at 382-6177 or check the town website, freedomme.org.

"We treat our problems like we treat our criminals: We lock 'em up long as we can so we don't have to deal with 'em.'" — B.O.B. War Witch