We took a lovely autumn hike up the Fire Tower Road off of Route 7. We call it “Dixmont” Mountain, but technically I guess it is in fact Mount Harris, capping out at 1,200 feet. Some of you will remember the fire tower that used to be up there. What a fabulous view there was from the top of the tower, walking around the narrow deck outside the watch room.

In the last year, official hiking trail signage has been put up, and this past week there was even a parking area installed about a half-mile up the Fire Tower Road. Even without the tower, there are lovely views through the trees now that the leaves have fallen.

Town Office

Election Day is Nov. 3. Voting in person will take place at the Town Office as usual. The hours will be 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., as usual. Don’t forget to register to vote, preferably before Nov. 3 — which will be a very busy day. Don’t forget to mail or drop off your absentee ballots by Nov. 3.

The Jackson Planning Board has completed an updated Application for Medium and High Impact Development. Please check in with the Town Office to see whether any project you are planning would be considered Medium or High Impact and to get an application from the Town Office.

Local shopping

Looking to take your mind off the election, thinking ahead to Christmas and wishing for some semblance of normalcy…? Try Cin-fully Created’s overflowing selection of Christmas decorations, for your doors, porches, and tables. This grand selection is available to shop on weekends at 969 Moosehead Trail in Jackson. Please contact Cindy at 322-9469 to confirm hours or make an appointment.

Jackson history nugget

Back in the latter half of the 19th century, Jackson had another village besides the Jackson Village we all know and love. It was called “Pageville.” It was settled by Nathan Page, a Revolutionary War veteran and a blacksmith, who bought a square mile of land between Route 7 and the Bog Road, a little southeast of the Great Farm. Two of his sons also became blacksmiths, attesting to the great use of horses in the area at that time.

(Pp.122-124, History & Early Settlers of Jackson, Maine Vol.1, 1798-1976 Revised; Vol. 2, Early Settlers by Theo Stacy & Donna Nickerson.)