Hello everyone. This is Liz, Benny’s human. I’m stepping in to help Benny with his column this week. You see, Benny and our little family has had a very rough week and Benny’s feeling pretty blue. He’s always so good about helping me out and so I decided that I should help him out.

The past few days have been very difficult to say the least. Just a few days ago, one of Benny’s dearest friends (and mine,) had to be emergency euthanized. It was his very best feline friend “The Baby.” Benny just adored him. They were constant companions. What’s more, The Baby had been an ongoing presence in Benny’s life from the very first day that I brought Benny home from the shelter. When the veterinarian came to the house to help The Baby pass over, it was awful. I had him outside on a blanket and the dogs in the house, but then they started to howl. And so, I had to let them out to say goodbye. The rushed over to the vet, sniffed her and then both of them licked their kitty on the forehead. It was very emotional, very touching, and very difficult. Then I brought them inside. Everyone was so sad.

While it was so hard to make that decision to let our kitty go, it was better than letting him suffer. Many people think it’s the kind thing to let an animal pass on their own, but it usually isn’t. It’s painful for them. So, when it was clear that our kitty was not going to get better and was in pain, as hard as it was, I made the phone call to the vet. And while our kitty was very frail of body he nevertheless had such a huge, loving presence in the house that it’s felt very empty without him ever since.

Then, a few days later, before Benny had even finished processing his favorite kitty being gone, his German Shepherd “sister” Ilsa, collapsed and couldn’t walk. Benny sat frozen next to her, kind of in shock. And since she’s 80 pounds, I could not lift her. I had to phone several friends to see if someone could come over and help me get her into the car. It was awful to wait with her in that condition for over an hour! Finally, a friend came and we carried her to the car and rushed her to emergency. She had some kind of neurological event and had to stay overnight. She’s home now and is slightly better, but still not eating and barely walking. She’s not out of the woods yet. Poor Benny has had his whole world turned upside down and is very subdued and sad. And I am not just projecting my human feelings on to him. When it’s time for our usual walks, he doesn’t want to go. He doesn’t want to leave his ailing sister who always walks with us.

For anyone out there that thinks that dogs and cats don’t love one another, have feelings and form deep attachments, I can tell you unequivocally that’s not the case. They form the most incredible bonds since they are heartfelt, honest bonds. Their friendships are based on authentic love and caring. They aren’t like humans who sometimes base their relationships on looks, money, who’s convenient, or who serves a purpose. With animals, it’s pure love and that is what makes it so beautiful.

Benny will be back next column since he’s a much better writer than me and much more wise! And if you wouldn’t mind, please say a prayer that The Baby is in God’s loving embrace and that our German Shepherd Ilsa is able to recover. We very much appreciate your continued support and from Benny, me, and all my companion animals, we send love to you. Stay safe and wag your tail if you can. We could all use some good cheer these days.

With love,

Liz and Benny

Benny H. is a 7-year-old mixed-breed dog who enjoys writing, meeting new people, and providing companionship to his loving adopter, Liz Hoffmann. They live in Connecticut. Liz has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and opening her heart to shelter animals.