I had hoped to have some good news this week, but it is not to be. As you are probably aware, Waldo County is experiencing a rise in COVID-19 cases that are linked to the Brooks Pentecostal Church.

It was already announced that door-to-door trick or treating has been suspended this year since contact tracing would be next to impossible. In light of the outbreak, the difficult decision has been made to cancel the Halloween outdoor event that was planned as an alternative.

Everyone is disappointed by this, but the health and safety of the community comes first. On a positive note, we had not yet purchased our candy — I will not be forced to eat all of it myself.

In addition, the Thrift Store remains closed until further notice and is not accepting donations. Please do not drop anything off.

I understand that everyone is tired of all things related to COVID-19, but we need to realize that the virus is a real threat that needs to be taken seriously.

We thought "It can't happen here." But it has happened — despite the fact that most of the citizens, businesses and organizations have followed scientific guidelines since the beginning of the pandemic.

All it took was one break in the chain. So please, wear a mask (it's not hard), wash hands and social distance. If you think that there is any possibility that you may have been exposed, I urge you to get tested.

The Seaport Community Health Center in Belfast has a drive-up tent in the parking lot. Testing is simple, fast and free. For more information, their number is 338-6900.

Until next time…be well.