Curbside Belfast will be extended until March 1, 2021, on an individual basis to help downtown businesses increase their services. City Councilors voted to approve the proposal at their Oct. 20 meeting and also discussed new winter parking rules.

There are at least three businesses taking advantage of Curbside Belfast that have expressed interest in using outdoor city spaces through the winter, City Manager Erin Herbig said. Businesses must reapply for the permit to continue use through the winter and are required to maintain the city space within their permitted area for snow removal.

The areas must remain well lit at all times to make people and motorists aware of the barriers, she said. Businesses must reapply by Oct. 28 to keep barriers up.

City Councilor Mike Hurley said he would like to see people sitting at picnic tables outside this winter like he has seen people do at Sugarloaf, a ski resort in Carrabassett Valley. He is happy to see that businesses in Belfast are still getting customers while businesses in other towns, like Camden, seem to be slowing down.

Public Works will plow around the concrete barriers left up through winter, Herbig said. She also reminded residents about the winter parking changes that take effect Nov. 1.

The new rules limit the number of spaces that can be used for overnight parking between midnight and 6 a.m. from Nov. 1 through April 30, based on even- and odd-numbered days of the month. The rules are in place during good and bad weather and cars must be moved daily.

On even-numbered days, Beaver Street has 20 available spaces, Cross Street has 10 spaces and Washington Street has 20 spaces for overnight parking. On odd days, Beaver Street has 18 spaces, Cross Street has 16 spaces and Washington Street has 20 spaces.