Wanted: An evergreen tree, tall but not too tall, full without any trunk showing, readily accessible for cutting and transporting downtown, suitable for festooning with lights, and prepared to stand, stationary, for approximately one month.

"Christmas and the holidays are coming, and pandemic or no, there will be a big beautiful decorated tree in Belfast’s Post Office Square," City Councilor Mike Hurley said in an email to The Republican Journal.

"We are searching for the perfect tree," he said. … "Maybe you have a lovely tree that grew too large in your yard or a beauty on a fence line? Let us know and we will look at your tree to see if it’s not too small, not too tall, nice and full and not too skinny in a location where we can get to it without needing a bulldozer.

"Your tree can light up our world."

Our Town Belfast Executive Director Zach Schmesser said in an email, "We will be looking to make a selection as soon as we find the perfect tree. We've identified several potentials and are in the process of visiting to ensure they'll be a good match."

The process of procuring, setting and trimming the tree is a group affair, he said. Belfast Parks and Recreation cuts down the tree. "Dan Miller of Belmont Boatworks donates his time to haul and place the tree, usually accompanied by his son or daughter — it's become a sort of family tradition for them."

Central Maine Power Co. usually furnishes a bucket truck to help string the lights.

The city's Christmas trees typically are about 30 feet tall, usually cut long and then trimmed on arrival to fit in place safely, Schmesser said.

"Keys to the perfect tree are: easy to access with Dan's boom truck, and full-figured," he said. "Sometimes trees growing in a row grow together, and while they may look good in a row, when separated out, portions of the tree may be spotty because they were stunted by the other trees."

Anyone with a candidate for selection as Belfast's 2020 Christmas tree is invited to call Hurley, at 323-0881, or Schmesser, at 218-1158, for an audition.