After being away all summer, my pair of cardinals has returned to the bird feeders along with multitudes of chickadees, nuthatches and the occasional titmouse. The bluejays, of course, usually make a mess of everything, dumping the sunflower seeds out of the feeders. The crows have been doing a fantastic job of clearing up the acorns; no more crunch, crunch, crunch under the weight of my wheels.

I stopped by Mac's Hardware to stock up on bird food and saw that they are offering some new items at the store such as rough-sawn lumber, Stihl power equipment, and propane refills, among other things.

Unity now has three "Little Free Libraries": one in Triplet Park, one at the Town Office, and one on the front porch of The Good Steward Thrift Shop on Depot Street. The one on Depot Street also has a few puzzles available.

The Open Door will be offering a Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Roast pork, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and dessert. Must sign up. You can sign up at the Community Center or by calling Richard or Bunny Moore at 948-6232.

Robert and Wendy Esposito, along with Unitel, worked on removing the old lights on the excessively tall spruce trees by the Unity Historical Society. You will see this "triangle" decorated for the Christmas holiday along with a Parade of Lights. More info to come!

Unity has seen many changes in my almost 54 years. I was reminiscing with someone the other day about how we would all ride our horses down to G&J Market on the corner of Main and Depot Street, tie our horses to the fence where Bangor Savings Bank is now, buy some candy in the store and hang out on the back steps of the Unity Historical Society.

Deepest condolences to the friends and family of Rae Jean Miville.