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Searsmont fashion

When we first began using pandemic facewear, it was hard to find the ready-made ones. So we dug out the 55-year-old Singer Featherweight sewing machine and made our own. Lots of old T-shirts ended up as fashion statements with shoelaces for ties and they’ve held up.

Over time we’ve noticed individual mask choices as different as the people wearing them. Some use the institutional blue surgical versions, while others opt for fashionable fabrics and designs. Some go for basic black or white, while others accessorize to match their clothing each day. Lots of Searsmonters promote a favorite sports team, and we get comments about our red-seamed-baseball face coverings.

Soon someone will do a study on what mask choices say about our personalities. Clearly above our pay grade.

Election Day

If you haven't voted yet, please get to the polls Tuesday before 8 p.m. We will have Searsmont’s vote results for you next week. Now you can go online or watch television or listen to the radio without seeing or hearing campaign ads. What a pleasure that is.

At the Town Office

The selectmen, who last met Oct. 13, did not meet Oct. 27. Their next scheduled meeting is Nov. 10. And if you haven’t paid this year’s property taxes yet, they were due on Halloween.

COVID update

More cases in Waldo County and Dr. Nirav Shah of the state CDC says that “no county, no town is immune” even in places we thought were safe as safe can be. Thanksgiving is going to look a bit different for sure. No kids this year, but two tables anyway for distancing indoors. We wish all of our Searsmont neighbors a safe Turkey Month.

Season’s greetings

The sound of rifles woke us early Saturday morning as hunters began hunting season. Make sure you (and your dogs, sheep, goats, pigs and horses) are wearing blaze orange this month. We’re pretty sure your chickens are safe.

Time to turn the clocks back an hour Sunday morning for an extra hour's sleep.

Got a note from Bethany Crosby reminding us that From Above, a nonprofit affiliated with the UU church in Belfast, welcomes gifts of clothing, gift cards, nonperishable foods and cash for “Operation Holiday” to help “the housing insecure and less fortunate of Waldo County.”

Call or text Matt Bolduc at 299-7394 or go to @FromAbove on Facebook for more information. They are definitely on the up-and-up. So is Belfast Rotary’s “100 Fund” that this year will give gift certificates to Renys and Colburn Shoes for about 150 kids who can use our help. Call Mickey at 322-5671 in Searsmont for more information.

Friends of the Library and Library News

Sandie Weagle let us know that Friends of the Searsmont Library will hold its annual meeting on Thursday, Nov. 19, 6 p.m., downstairs in the Community Building. COVID-19 masking and social distancing will be observed. These good folks provide financial support and volunteers for our library and the meeting is open to the public.

Call 342-5549 to sign up for the next “Exploring the Wilds of Searsmont” walk with Sarah Crosby and Bill Evans on Saturday, Nov. 14, with folks meeting at the library parking lot (dressed appropriately). More people are making appointments to visit the library or use the curbside service by calling the same number.