Hello Monroe!

Setting the clocks back in the fall has always been one of my favorite weekends of the calendar year…up until I had a child! I’m lucky lately if Oliver will sleep until 6 o'clock most mornings; I’m not excited for the time change that could push us back to a 5 a.m. wake-up trend for a while.

Whenever I’m getting frustrated or grumpy with early, early mornings or moody days, I gently remind myself these are all just phases and time will go so much faster than I really want it to! And in the grand scheme of things, Oliver is a handsomely healthy, happy and smart child who I am blessed has made me a mother. Plus, it helps to take a nap when he does!

November is a great month to be reminded, particularly in the midst of this stressful pandemic, of how much we still have to be thankful for. I hope you’ll take the time to reflect on all that is going right in your world.

Worth celebrating

A heartfelt thank you to John Gibbs, former Monroe resident of many years, for his over 30 years of police service to area communities. On Friday, Oct. 30, Sergeant Gibbs ended his career with the Belfast Police Department at 1600 hours, signing off to the voice of his son, Brody Gibbs, of the Bangor Police Department. Congratulations on your retirement, John!

Congratulations to Troy and Cassandra Moody, Monroe’s newest newlyweds, for tying the knot on Oct. 23. What could be more exciting to some than saying “I do” to one you love? How about filling your moose tag just three days later?! Cassandra tagged out with a 508-pound cow on her honeymoon moose hunt. Well done!

Happy belated birthday to Grammie Dot Wyman of Liberty. I had the pleasure of spending a morning exploring the new Hobby Lobby in Waterville and enjoying lunch at Governor’s Restaurant in Waterville with her on her special day.

Local plow service

Though many may not be ready or excited, snow will soon not only be flying, but piling up in plowable amounts. Garrett Gatchell of Monroe wants to remind you that he offers plow services to Monroe, Swanville, Brooks, Jackson and Waldo. Message him on Facebook or call 951-3801 for a free estimate.

Have a great week!