The Republican Journal received a photograph of graffiti spray-painted on the foundation of the town's sand and salt building from a resident of the town this week. It showed "ReKT" in large yellow block letters on the left, and "ACAB" in black spray paint on the right.

According to, "rekt means 'wrecked,' that is 'utterly destroyed' or 'wasted.' This slang term is often used to refer to someone who has been soundly defeated. It is also used to refer to someone who is extremely drunk or high."

The same source says ACAB is "a derogatory acronym that stands for All Cops Are Bastards and All Coppers Are Bastards, among other variants."

Town Administrator Barbara Ashey said by email Nov. 2 that the vandalism had been reported to the Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Jeff Trafton told The Republican Journal the same day that he would have to check his computer system for a report of the vandalism. Later that day, he said he and one of his sergeants had looked through the system and found no report of vandalism at a Northport town building during the month of October. Trafton told The Journal the next day that he had found the report and that Deputy Lucas Potts is investigating.

On the phone Nov. 3, Ashey said one of the selectmen had seen the graffiti Oct. 25 and had reported it. She added that she had not yet heard from the Sheriff's Office, and was waiting for permission from them to have the graffiti painted over. She said she did not have an estimate yet for the repainting.

Ashey said, "It's pretty unusual to see that (vandalism) in Northport," she said, but added that she had heard about a similar incident of graffiti being sprayed on the gas pumps at Wentworth Family Grocery in town.