The National Football League regular season is at the midway point, and in the midst the pandemic, the schedule has been shuffled at times due to COVID-19 infecting players and personnel of some teams.

When queried, voters in the latest Courier Publications/VillageSoup sports poll believe the NFL should do "nothing and play the games," despite the pandemic. Forty-six-point-seven percent of participants chose this option, while 26.7 percent chose the "pause games for two weeks" and "shut down league and cancel the season" options.

As of Wednesday, Nov. 4, according to media reports, the San Fransisco 49ers are the latest organization to shut down their facility, a day before the team was scheduled to host the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, Nov. 6. As of Nov. 4 at 4 p.m., that game had not been rescheduled.

Now, the sports poll maintains its focus on the NFL, but narrows it to the New England Patriots, and asks: With a 2-5 start and punting on trading any of their players at the deadline, what should the Patriots' approach be for the rest of the season?

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New England has lost four straight games, and is scheduled to play at the New York Jets (0-8) on Monday, Nov. 9.

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