Regional School Unit 71 Board of Directors Chairwoman Caitlin Hills announced her resignation from the board Wednesday, Nov. 4, after posting a message on Facebook calling people who voted for Donald Trump obscenities on election night, Nov. 3, while votes across the nation were being counted.

She did not apologize for the post and said in an email that she did not want to be associated with people who support Trump.

"I have served this community on the school board for nearly eight years," she said in her email. "I will not apologize for my post on my personal FaceBook page. I do not condone racism, sexism, or homophobia and I don't want to be associated, on FaceBook or elsewhere, with people who voted for a man who embodies these odious qualities."

The announcement follows an executive session called Wednesday evening so board members could discuss the issue. She said she does not want the incident to infringe on the board's positive work in the community.

"However, this incident is distracting the public from the excellent work this board and district has done and continues to do," Hills' email went on. "Therefore, I hereby respectfully resign from the RSU 71 Board of Directors. I wish the board and the district well."

Superintendent Mary Alice McLean said the board voted to elect David Crabiel, Belfast, chairman and Jessica Woods, Belfast, vice chairman. She urged the board to be careful about public statements.

"The RSU 71 School Board prides itself on leading our district in a professional manner. We must be conscious of our words and actions, and strive to model proper behavior as leaders of our district."

Belfast Mayor Eric Sanders said in a statement that the city did not condone Hills' post. Political tensions in the community do not excuse that type of behavior, he said.

“As the Mayor of Belfast, I want all citizens and students of RSU 71 to know that it is beyond inappropriate to see social media comments from members of our school board that reflect poor judgment, bullying or verbal attacks on anyone, even more so when directed at one of our students," he said in a statement. "… The City of Belfast does not condone these remarks, we reject them.”