Mills owes Trump respect

Gov. Mills should be ashamed of her most recent behavior. No governor should hold a press conference with the intent to speak negatively about the president of the United States.

Whatever happened to the idea of respecting and honoring anyone who has a position of authority? Can you get any higher than the president of the United States? It should not matter whether the person is Democrat or Republican. If you have opposing views with the president, then you get to vote, just like the rest of us.

Do we not teach our children to respect and honor our teachers? Do we not teach our children to respect and honor their elders? Mills should be ashamed! She was voted in as governor by the entire state of Maine and therefore represents the whole state, not just part of the state.

She should not be acting as though she is better than the president or anyone else who is in a position of authority. Shame! Shame! What kind of role model is she providing for our young, impressionable men and women here in Maine?

Rachel Tribuzio


Bay can't handle stress of Nordic's effluent

National Geographic recently wrote about our region in an article entitled “River Rebirth: Removing Edwards Dam on Maine’s Kennebec River, Rebirth, Renewal, Resurrection.” The Kennebec River was once home to all 10 species of migratory fish native to Maine — including the endangered Atlantic salmon and shortnose sturgeon. Current research shows that numerous fish tagged in the recovering Kennebec River are coming from Penobscot Bay!

Our rivers and bays are a rich marine environment that are beginning to recover after once being polluted by chicken factories, a mercury spill, and sewage. Yet, let’s remember that Penobscot Bay's waters have warmed noticeably in the past decade. It is up to every one of us to understand and acknowledge that we cannot keep polluting the ocean and extracting massive amounts of fresh water for corporate promises of economic gain and “feeding a hungry world.”

“These approaches continue to focus on the luxury taste we have acquired, not the need that people have for food. For food, the best value you get is in raising plant-eating fish under circumstances where, as they say, you get “more crop per drop”; where you capture the nutrients and recycle them into plant-based farms. In nature, there is no waste.” — Dr. Sylvia Earle, American marine biologist, explorer, and author.

Currently 6.5 million gallons per day of wastewater enter Penobscot Bay from the surrounding cities and towns. When the Whole Oceans factory is in full operation in Bucksport, the estimated daily wastewater added into Penobscot Bay will be 18.6 million more gallons. Nordic Aquafarms' proposed project would add another 7.7 million gallons of effluent per day.

Adding Nordic’s food processing plant on the shores of Penobscot Bay would undermine the process of recovery of the ecosystem that surrounds us. Is this the direction Belfast wants to go in?

Conny Hatch


Article was unfair

I am writing to express my displeasure in your recent article regarding Delvino's. As a local restaurant owner, I am watching my friends and colleagues struggle endlessly with the side effects of COVID-19. As a business that relies on advertising, I'm sure you can relate, or I'm imagining that you are experiencing similar issues. So to open up the news this morning and read this negative article made my stomach turn.

First I'd like to say as a restaurant owner that operating around COVID-19 protocols and restrictions has made our jobs nearly impossible. And everyone is doing their best, given the circumstances. Everyone has extra jobs to do to keep the places clean and sanitary and no one is getting paid extra, because no business is making anywhere near the amount of money we are used to this time of year. And there are places in and around Waldo County that are not following any of these guidelines and straight up don't care!  There was no reporting on any of these places in the recent article. I personally don't want any more negative attention directed at Belfast, so I am not asking you to do such.

As I mentioned earlier, the struggle is real. My numbers for August were 40% down from last year, and July was 30% less. Without the outdoor seating that the city allowed, we wouldn't have made it this far. Many, many thanks to the city of Belfast for helping us business owners navigate COVID. This article does the opposite. It's not helpful. It scares people away from eating out when we desperately need the business.

I can't believe the extent to which this man (from Massachusetts) went in order to hurt one of our local restaurants. And I can't believe the trouble you went through to print a one-sided article. It's utterly shocking. Restaurants get enough bad press from Tripadvisor and Yelp. We don't need you adding to it at the behest of an out-of-stater. You can do better.

Sarah Waldron

Owner, Neighborhood Restaurant