I hope everyone had a peaceful week. As I write this, Maine is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, and there has been a death linked to the outbreak at the Brooks Pentecostal Church. Due to this, the mask mandate has been strengthened and requires Maine people to wear face coverings in public settings regardless of the ability to maintain physical distance. Please do your part.

On Nov. 13, Joyce Halpin will be 90 years young. Joyce is the mother of Bill Hegstrom and his wife, Carol. They will be having a drive-through at her house on Saturday, Nov. 14, from 1 to 2 p.m. to drop off cards. The address is 263 Reynolds Road, Brooks, ME 04921. If you are unable to be there in person, by all means, drop her a card via the mail. Congratulations and may she have many more birthdays!

RIP Sean Connery — the only James Bond, right? Thinking about those early films I watched as a kid has made me reflect on going to the movies back in the day. Our suburban Baltimore theater was the Earle. Our family had a deal: Go to Sunday school (and behave) and you were in for an afternoon of cinema. Cost was 75 cents.

Our dad would escort us in, buy the candy of our choice and make sure we had a good seat. This was usually in the middle toward the back of the house. He then left us to our own devices. Dad never stayed, he just came and went. Imagine that today! Shortly thereafter, we made our way on the sticky floor to the front row where we enjoyed the show!

"Dr. No," "Thunderball," "Goldfinger," "From Russia with Love," "You Only Live Twice." Sometimes there was a double feature.You could get to the theater at any time — the movie was on an endless spool that you could watch as many times as you wanted. Yep…at the risk of sounding "old," those were the days. And what is the difference between shaken and stirred, anyway?

Until next time…be well.