I had a chance encounter with Freedom Fire Warden and Volunteer Fire Department Chief James Waterman while shopping earlier this week. I am glad I did, because I learned that the annual Hunters' Breakfast which was scheduled for Nov. 15 has been canceled. Jim didn't tell me why.

My 2-year-old daughter calls him Mr. Jim Watermelon. Thank you for all the toys!

I voted in person at the Freedom Election Hall on Nov. 3. Freedom had a nearly 87% turnout of eligible voters. This is in line with trends around the country of record turnout. Seeing such high levels of civic engagement is hopefully a good sign.

I forgot to submit a reminder of the Freedom Community Historical Society's monthly meeting. They meet every month on the second Wednesday of the month. Currently meetings are held via Zoom. If you are reading this online, you may have a chance to participate in this month's meeting Nov. 11. For meeting information, you can email

A lady at a store I was shopping at seemed very wise. She said, "There are no red states or blue states." Regardless of how Americans vote, or view any particular issue, we are still all Americans and we are all neighbors. We can stand for what we think is right without being destructive.

Yesterday (Nov. 5) was Guy Fawkes Day. I remember (although it seems like a decade ago), the Occupy movement. The Guy Fawkes mask came to symbolize resistance to the system. It is kind of ironic that now, those who do not wear masks are viewed/view themselves as filling that role.

"If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all." — Saul of Tarsus