Hello Monroe!

Our week began with snow and freezing temperatures, bundling into boots, snowsuits, hats and mittens, coming inside with rosy red cheeks and noses. We ended the week wearing sneakers and no need for heavy jackets as temperatures soared back up into the 60s. As I’ve said before, in Maine the saying generally goes, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.”

Worth celebrating

Celebrating November birthdays this month from Monroe include: Lee Anne Vogel (2nd), Michael Grindrod (9th), Frieda Mavor (11th), Terrie Brown (12th), Jessica Landers (14th), Joyce Hillman (16th) and Barbara Moody (22nd). Happy birthday to you!

Congratulations also to Dale Moody, part of the Moody Honeymoon Moose Hunt of 2020. I let the Moody newlyweds have the spotlight last week, but this week we’ll recognize Dale for filling his own cow moose tag on the same hunt! If you get a chance, listen to Mike Moody recap the week’s adventures; you won’t be let down!

Deer down

We must really be into the month of November now. My social media feeds show a drastic increase of harvested deer photographs; blaze orange is, for many, a wardrobe staple this time of year; and the tagging poster at Monroe Country Store is filling up fast! Since Oct. 31, 31 deer have been tagged at the store.

Bragging rights, as gleaned from the store list under the town of Monroe, go to: Larry Totten (6-point buck), Kalvin Vogel (11-point, 170-lb. buck), Bernard Fourrier (6-point, 171-lb. buck), Aiden Tripp (10-point, 176.5-lb. buck), Baxter Smith (doe), Paul Craig (4-point, 160.4-lb. buck), David Conley (8-point, 164-lb. buck), Kevin Pike (8-point buck), Michael Patterson (doe), Daniel Jones (doe), Dale Flewelling (2-point buck), Keigan Perkins (110-lb. doe), Ryan Brinz (doe), Steven Lindsay (3-point buck), James Wilkinson (158-lb. buck), Adam Vogel (12-point, 230-lb. buck — way to go, Adam!), Jeff Hennessey (doe), Andrew Gibbs (107.9-lb. doe), Sharon Kelley (doe), Jodi Ellis (112.6-lb. doe) and Seth Violette (189.5-lb. buck).

Other area successes include Brody Gibbs (7-point, 153-lb. buck), Noah Hurd (10-point, 165-lb. buck), Jesse Kenney (10-point, 178-lb. buck) and Dennis Lufkin (10-point, 200-lb. buck).

Special congratulations go out to Wyatt McKenney, 12, of Palermo. He tagged his first deer, a 6-point, 128-lb. buck, early in the morning of Nov. 3 while hunting with his father, Jacob McKenney. Sitting on an old milk crate, Wyatt watched the deer come in to less than 50 feet before he could get a shot with his Savage Model 99 30-30 carbine.

Jacob says, “Wyatt was very stoked. It dropped in its tracks and he only had to drag it a couple hundred yards back to the jeep, at least until he realized how quickly it all happened.” In all the excitement, Wyatt exclaimed, “I shot it too early, now I won’t even miss any school!” His father reminded him that most of the exciting tracking stories told by his grandfathers, great-grandfather and great-uncles didn’t have happy endings, even if it meant they got to skip school for a day or two trying to find it.

Election results

Of 866 registered voters in the town of Monroe, 608 voted in the 2020 November election. For president: Biden (308), Trump (266), Hawkins (14), Jorgensen (14), left blank (6). For U.S. senator: Collins (290), Gideon (232), Savage (67), Linn (14), left blank (5). For District 2 representative to Congress: Golden (354), Crafts (240), left blank (14). For District 11 state senator: Curry (320), Milne (253), left blank (35). For District 99 representative to the Legislature: Turner (328), Kinney (254), left blank (26). For judge of probate: Ociepka (436), left blank (172). For register of probate: Peavey (426), left blank (182). And for District 2 county commissioner: Shorey (445), left blank (163).

A big thank you to all the poll workers at the Monroe Town Hall for keeping the day running smoothly, orderly and safely.

Have a great week!