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Searsmont flyover

The long woolen underwear came out of the drawer this week, and proved quite helpful on this morning’s walk through intermittent snow flurries. A lot of the nerves around this intense national election has had an impact on our sleep of late, and that sometimes leads to one of us being up at odd hours. So it was an extraordinary gift to have a middle-of-the-night moment enlivened by the call of geese flying overhead to the light of a full-moon. It reminded us of a sunset moment years ago in Cooperstown, New York, when hundreds of geese rose up out of Otsego Lake and took flight for the winter. Recalling that helped us get back to sleep.

Searsmont votes … and votes some more

Working the polls on Election Day was, as always, an inspiration. To see our fellow citizens come through the Community Center polling site was a concrete example of how our democracy works for us all. One thing we noticed was the healthy number of new voters who registered that day. The total turnout was truly historic ― nearly 950 out of 1150, more than 80% and more than ever before.

Fun fact: more than 400 Searsmonters requested absentee ballots and more than 400 were mailed or returned in person. Another fun fact: the town went Republican all the way except for Jared Golden for congressional representative by 50 votes. Final fun fact: ranked choice voting was never used in this election. However you voted, it all should make you proud to live in a town where people care enough to exercise their voting privilege.

At the Town Office

The selectmen, who last met Oct. 13, are next scheduled to meet Nov. 10. And if you haven’t paid this year’s property taxes yet, they were due on Halloween.

Sad news

Long-time Morrill First Selectman Tom Flacke passed away last week from complications of COVID-19, according to town officials. Tom served Searsmont’s neighboring community for many years and was known for his friendliness, sense of humor, kindness, and ability to listen. All who knew Tom, and many of us who did not, will miss him. Our sincere condolences to his family.

Friends of the Library and library news

Sandie Weagle called again to say that the Friends of the Searsmont Library has canceled its Thursday, Nov. 19, annual meeting. Another organizational victim of the COVID-19 spike in Waldo County.

The library thanks the Friends and Robbins Lumber for the new library shelves that have expanded the adult fiction and nonfiction section. Library patron Tom Gick designed and built them to match the existing shelves and Bill Evans of Williams Furniture and Restoration finished them. “We are very fortunate to have such talented and dedicated crafts people in Searsmont,” says librarian Steven Brown. We’ll try to bring you photos next week.

More good news is that Saturday mornings at the library are back! Many people fondly recall their parents taking them to the library on Saturday mornings and coming home with a stack of books (what a great feeling that is). Saturday hours, 9 a.m. to noon by appointment only, begin Nov. 14. Other library hours are Tuesday (drop in) from noon to 3 p.m.; Thursday (appointment only) 3 to 6 p.m.; and Friday (appointment only) 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To reserve a 30-minute slot for you or your household, call 342-5549 ahead of time.