Good news for residents of East Waldo Road. Thanks to the tireless efforts of resident Pete Velanzon, the town of Waldo is fixing East Waldo Road in a professional manner. This will commence in stages, with the first stage, which is nearly finished, being from the Waldo/Belfast line to the first sharp corner, perhaps ¾ of a mile up the road.

Eventually, I’m told the entire road will get this kind attention. For me, this seems a bit ironic, since for years I’ve railed against the lack of maintenance for this road and now, that I am moving, the road will finally come up to standard. But that’s good news for those living here.

I was even once elected third selectman, so that I might have some influence toward getting the road fixed. But factors beyond my control saw to it that my best efforts went for nil. Now, though, good things are finally happening, after all these years. Better late than never, I say.

I’m preparing to move in a few weeks and for those who have experience in this adventure, it will fall on deaf ears to say I’m overwhelmed. The cleaning, of both houses, has me behind the eight ball. Not to mention the problems related to changing addresses on credit and debit cards, as well as notifying internet companies, banks and the rest, of the change. But in the end it will all come together, I’m sure.

Being in a state of flux, I’m not prepared to give a pa’tridge prediction. I will say that a pat has been coming to the crabapple tree in front of my house. I haven’t shot the poor thing, though, preferring to get my game back in the woods.

Looking back

It’s satisfying to note that I have written this column and others, for many, many years. In fact, I am the longest-running writer for The Republican Journal, a distinction that makes me uneasy on one hand — I’m getting old — and also gives me a certain amount of satisfaction.

Thank goodness, I’m moving back to the real Maine. I’ll continue writing my home-and-garden column, plus feature articles for the Courier chain. And I have agreed, as mentioned previously, to write the Frankfort town news.

So it looks as if you will still be hearing from me, for better or worse.

Thanks to all my loyal readers, those who have followed me lo these many years. It is an honor to be allowed into your living rooms or wherever you read this. And I hope, God willing, to continue in various forms, for the foreseeable future.

Weekly quote

“This government was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” — John Adams