Nov. 15, 1850

An Heroic Act.—Last week a correspondent alluded to the intrepidity of a sailor who saved the lives of a lady and young child who were lost overboard at sea from a vessel commanded by Captain Anderson, bound from Searsport to Bridgeton, Ct. We learn that the person to whom so much credit is due for his prompt and courageous act is Wm. E. Hewes, of this town. The name of the lady rescued was Mary Clausen, and the child was the Captain’s daughter. The persons were in the water some ten minutes, there being some difficulty in lowering the boat, and the vessel drifting half a mile to leeward.

Nov. 18, 1875

Mr. Franklin P. Reed, of this city, fell from a barn scaffold some over six months ago and broke his arm just above the elbow joint. The fractured arm remained in this condition (un-united) until Dr. Homer was employed on the 26th day of October, who performed a surgical operation by coaptating the ends of the bone, and maintaining the adjustment by proper surgical appliances. Since the operation the bone has united nicely, and Mr. Reed bids fair to have this useful member of his body once more restored to its natural length, strength and usefulness.

Nov. 15, 1900

Dr. W. L. West has bought another trio of Belgian hares from an importer in California.

The combination of unusually high tides and strong southerly winds caused much damage along the water front last Thursday and Friday. Thursday forenoon the sea broke on both sides of the harbor. Two sail boats, owned by Edgar W. Gray and Eugene Ellis, moored below the steamboat wharf, went ashore on the rocks and were broken up. Some of the ways and blockings under the schooner Pendelton Sisters were washed away, and all loose lumber near high water mark went adrift. A lot of lime casks on Lane’s wharf floated off and drifted up the harbor.

Nov. 12, 1925

Mrs. Cecil Clay, Public Health Officer, has received a check of $10 from Carter B. Keene of Washington, D. C. , formerly of Freedom, to be invested in tooth brushes for the children of the city schools who cannot afford to buy them.

Nov. 16, 1950

The Belfast Lions Club Thanksgiving Ball, one of the outstanding annual events of the opening winter social season in this city, will be held Saturday evening, November 18 at the Armory.

Grinnell’s six piece orchestra from Rockland will play for the dancing.

Proceeds from the ball will go, as always, to finance the big Christmas party given by the Lions each year for the underprivileged children of the community. A large attendance at the Thanksgiving dance is expected in support of this worthy cause.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.