Recently I read a post from the Belfast Police reminding residents about the importance of locking vehicles and homes with an increase in thefts in the area. This is an ongoing debate at my house where my two teenage sons, who are now both drivers, argue it saves time in locating keys if they are left in the car.

I encourage everybody in our household to hang up their keys on a key hook in our house for easy locating, but I do admit sometimes I get side-tracked, and end up leaving them in a not-so-obvious place. This then leads to time wasted retracing steps, and fretting about being late.

It is unfortunate that this is even a "thing" in our rural community but serves as a good starting point for a discussion on the realities of life and using common sense.

Food distribution

There will be another Farmers for Families food distribution event Friday, Nov. 20, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Mount View Complex and athenahealth. Sponsored by the Belfast Soup Kitchen in partnership with Waldo County Bounty, Waldo Community Action Partners and the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency, the free event is available to all residents with no eligibility requirements.

Each box contains 12 pounds of produce, 5 pounds of chicken or meatballs, 5 pounds of dairy and milk. Mount View Complex is located at 577 Mount View Road, Thorndike, and athenahealth is located at 3 Hatley Road, Belfast.

For more information contact Cherie Merrill at 338-4845 or

Members of the Montville Volunteer Fire Department will be picking up boxes for any Montville residents that cannot make it to the food distribution event Nov. 20. They will take the food boxes to Montville Fire Station for pickup by residents. Please send a message to Chief John York or call 382-3077 (leave message with contact number) to reserve your box. If you are unable to pick up, let him know and they will arrange delivery. Pickup times will be approximately mid-morning to early afternoon, depending on pickup time at school.

College acceptance

Congratulation to Sena Hayes on her recent acceptance to the University of Mount Olive, N.C., where she will be playing Division II field hockey. Go Trojans!

Liberty Library knitters

New dates to drop items at the library parking lot: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2-3 p.m., and Friday, Nov. 20, 9-10 a.m. The Liberty Library is collecting children and adults' hats, mittens, cowls and scarves, as well s clean adult jackets and coats for the Belfast Soup Kitchen. They request everything be put in bags — paper for the knitwear, plastic for the coats and jackets. If you are unable to make these times, please call Jo Peavey at 322-7863 or Sue Chapin at 589-4863. Thank you for all of your donations so far.

That's about it for this week.