I didn't get a chance to enjoy the few days of glorious September-like weather in November; sometimes my illness takes precedence. However, it gave my husband ample time to ward off his arch-nemesis, the last of the fallen leaves.

The town is now the proud owner of a pirate ship! A couple of years ago Tony Avila and I were looking for a small wooden boat to transform into a pirate ship to add to the playground equipment at Kanokolus beach. Those efforts were fruitless, but we were given the generous donation of the pirate ship that had been part of Dennis and Sharon Picard's Halloween decor. We will need to build a cradle for it so that it doesn't set sail on Unity Pond. The trailer will be modified to serve a new purpose of holding the flashing speed sign so that we can more easily move it to different locations.

Handyman services are offered by Craig Brown. He is a jack of all trades with over 20 years of experience. He can be reached at 322-3797.

Mammie's Country Kitchen is taking orders for Thanksgiving rolls and pies. 948-1515.

In need of a lovely centerpiece for the holidays? See Najean at Unity Flower shop or call 948-2446.

While digging through old town meeting minutes, from the 1950s to 1984, I found that in 1976 the town of Unity voted to approve that selectmen, starting in 1977, would begin a staggered three-year term instead of electing all three selectmen annually. It's always interesting to see names of people I knew who have since passed on and people, though much older, who still attend the yearly meetings.

Happy birthday to Unity Selectman Dan McCormick on the 18th. We don't have any meetings scheduled for that night, so he will be able to enjoy some birthday cake.

Condolences to the family and friends of Alison Blizard who passed on Oct. 15. A breeder of Morgan horses, she was instrumental in the local 4-H and the beginning of "Winnecook Riders" horse club.