Welcome to Sadie Lloyd Mudge, new Waldo columnist. Soon we hope to have a Frankfort column from Tom Seymour in his new home. — Editor

Hello, Waldo! My name is Sadie Lloyd Mudge and I’m taking over the Waldo town news column. I have lived in Waldo for five years and live with my husband Sam and our new baby boy Monty on the East Waldo Road next to what used to be the Doak farm.

I grew up in Brooks and left Maine for a while for school and work and to experience new things and places. My background is in community/urban planning (much of my career has focused on energy planning) and I currently run a small herbal business. I feel lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

I was not able to reach Sandra at the Town Office this week, but I’m hoping she will be able to provide us with some election data next week. A huge thank you to those here in Waldo who take the time and patience to run our elections, especially during this unique year.

I think most of us can probably agree, regardless of our beliefs, that we are glad the election is over. Pretty soon political signs will be removed from the roadsides and the things that divide us will be less apparent.

In these times where every issue is polarizing, it is a special thing to live in a place where you know and appreciate your neighbors even if your political beliefs are different. I am grateful for our little neighborhood, and it gives me hope that there are still places like this where people look out for each other.

The woods are filled with our local hunters, and hopefully now that the air has turned cold again there will be more meat in people’s freezers. Last year was my husband’s first time shooting a deer. He got a big buck from my dad’s tree stand that sits above a well-known deer highway. We got used to ground venison and breakfast sausage so fingers crossed he will get one again. Steve Miles said he’s starting to see the bucks move.

Last week’s warm weather was a treat and we were glad to put our small farm plot to bed. We planted 140 lavender plugs this summer that did well, and now they will hopefully over winter under row cover. The rest of the ground we had hoped to cover crop but opted for silage tarp as it is so late in the season. Should be easier to get in the ground next year though. Now it’s time to finish getting the firewood stacked before the plow comes!

Does anyone have a good Thanksgiving recipe to share? Email me and I’ll try to put one in next week’s column.

I’d love to see this column be a community space, so feel free to email me any local news. Some suggestions: great wildlife sightings (I saw three young, curious bobcats on the East Waldo Road recently while I was out walking!), your kids’ notable achievements, local events, business information, etc.