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Thanks, and Thanksgiving thoughts

It will be a strange Searsmont Thanksgiving. We are thankful to have the town, neighbors, friends and family in our lives, but our family’s gathering is dwindling to just us. Zoom doesn’t really cut it, but it’s only one year, right? We'll forge ahead with once-a-year pumpkin pie, homemade cranberry sauce and stuffing with a much-too-big local bird. At least we’ll have weeks of turkey soup, sandwiches and leftovers. Here’s hoping your holiday was safe and joyous.

Town Library

The library will be closed this Thanksgiving weekend. The Saturday morning (9 a.m. to noon by appointment, call 342-5549) and Tuesday noon to 3 p.m. drop-in hours are popular, and the library is also open Thursdays, 3 to 6 p.m., and Fridays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The library Board of Trustees meets via video on Thursday, Dec. 3, 5 p.m.; contact the library for a link to join in.

“An important, influential, and potentially incendiary book” has been added to the collection: Penelope the school-age T-Rex returns in “We Will Rock Our Classmates” by Ryan T. Higgins. Also new to the Children's Collection is “The Barnabus Project” by the Fan Brothers, the story of laboratory-created pets not perfect enough for the consumer market (spoiler alert: being perfect isn't the best way to be!).

Ways to help neighbors

The holidays are difficult for some Searsmonters who may be having a tough time putting food on the table. So we’re donating Thanksgiving dinner-that-wasn’t money to organizations that help feed nearby folks, Spectrum Belfast (for Meals on Wheels), Good Shepherd Food Bank and the Hannaford Gift Card program. If you have funds to spare, every area food program will be happy to stretch those dollars.

Waldo County Woodshed and Garry Owen House in Searsmont can use year-end help. Bob MacGregor tells us the Woodshed, which provides a quarter-cord of split firewood to anyone who needs it, has raised about $2,000 at Heroes.

“Everybody’s stuck at home this winter,” he said, “so home should at least be warm.” Call 353-5053 to make a gift or arrange for a wood pickup appointment next to Thresher’s (wear a face mask, please).

Dana Philippi at Garry Owen House says they’ve provided nearly 50 homeless veterans with a safe place to stay and assistance getting a job. To help them pay for winter utilities, email or call Dana at 589-4730.

Bits and pieces

Only 60 or so votes separated incumbent state Rep. Stanley Paige Ziegler from challenger Katrina Smith and at press time we didn’t know who was elected to serve Searsmont. We’ll reveal the winner next week after a recount.

Don’t you admire Searsmonters’ hunting season fashion choices? Blaze orange hats, vests and gloves are next to the door and we just wear whatever’s on top. Our generous venison-sharing neighbor tagged an 8-point, 160-pound buck last week. Let us know about your successful hunt.

Just heard that the Damariscotta Bank & Trust at Renys Plaza will soon become a Bangor Savings Bank branch.

Maine CDC’s Dr. Nirav Shah has encouraging advice for Searsmonters about the recent COVID-19 outbreak at Waldo County General Hospital: “This should not keep you from going to the hospital if you need to.” We’re lucky to have WCGH nearby and can trust them to keep us safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!