Belfast Community Outreach Program in Education students created wreaths for a class project and sold them as a way to raise money for school sweatshirts.

Twelve students made 16 wreaths made by 12 students, which were mostly bought by district staff who heard about the fundraiser, according to teacher Lindsey Schortz.

She and fellow BCOPE teacher Lisa Stathoplos developed the idea to double as a learning opportunity and a way to raise money, Schortz said. Students reinvested money raised from their bottle drive into making wreaths to increase their profits and meet their fundraising goal.

All BCOPE staff helped to make the idea possible so students could learn about marketing and business financing, she said. And the kids enjoyed making the product despite the cold weather.

Student participation in the project was based on their interests, Schortz said. Some students created posters for advertising, while others made the wreaths.

People are already suggesting the school repeat the project next fall and increase the number of wreaths made, she said. She hopes to develop another holiday-based project next year to continue student learning, whether that be making wreaths or centerpieces.