I think if I went back in time to the beginning of 2020 and told myself all that would happen, I would laugh in my own face.

From a global pandemic, polarizing election season, house and car repairs, anything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. It is almost as if Murphy's Law has gone unchecked with each passing month.

Through the emotional roller coaster, the word thankful has taken a new meaning, in a year that will be hard to forget, but also remembered forever.

So, here's what I am thankful for:

• Health

• My family

• Work

My first bullet does not involve a complex explanation. In the face of the pandemic I have had family members that have contracted the virus, but thankfully not in a serious way.

My second point about family is more of a blessing in disguise you could say. When the pandemic began in March, my wife and I were allowed to work from home, and at the same time, daycare was closed for our son, which allowed us to spend a great deal of time together as a family.

Now, there were days where we needed a break from each other, because who does not when you are cooped up for two months, but the experience brought us closer together.

When it comes to work, most people may take their job for granted, and when the pandemic struck, a lot of people were furloughed, or lost their job. I have been blessed with a company, owner, and boss, that looks out for their employees, especially when the going got rough this year.

A lot of sacrifices were made, but through it all, I am thankful to have caring people at the helm steering our ship through this treacherous water.

There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, and nobody can wait for a return to normalcy — whatever that may be — more than me at this moment, and once that normalcy arrives it will do me good to look back on this year and all I have.

This year has definitely been a growing one, and has allowed me to focus on what is important in my life, by taking a step back, looking around, and being thankful I made it through.