This looks to be the seventh warmest November on record in Bangor, according to newscentermaine.com. Accordingly, in the past after a mild November, the ensuing winter had above average temps 70% of the time, and below average snowfall 60% of the time. The skiers among us may be none too pleased about this, but those of us doing farm chores can’t help but be a wee bit delighted.

Hope everyone enjoys Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s really Red Friday for those of us doing the spending! But I hope everyone also remembers to shop local! Even if not in person, you can search Etsy for Maine Made. And of course you can always come visit the Marsh River Co-op and the United Farmers Market of Belfast where you’ll find all kinds of goodies created and grown in Jackson and Brooks.

Fireman Reserve Account

The Town of Jackson has an official Fireman Reserve Account set up. This is to provide a loan of funds for Jackson firemen or their families while waiting for insurance to come through in the event of injury or death while on the job. Jackson’s Tattooed Dad Brewing Co. is selling T-shirts in memory of Ed Moore for $15 (not $10 as previously stated) in support of this effort. You may also simply donate directly to the fund in the Town Office.

Code enforcement officer

I mentioned that Jackson is in need of a code enforcement officer (CEO) about a month ago — and we are still in search of someone to fill this much-needed position. We are in the unique position of offering a mentor for growing into the job. Jackie Robbins is acting as our interim CEO and has offered to train up the right individual, including guiding them through obtaining their Licensed Plumbing Inspector Certification. Also worth noting is that in addition to the CEO town stipend, a plumbing inspector receives an additional fee for inspections. Are you willing and/or able to step up for this position? Please contact Brenda for more info.

Dilly dally dumpster

Our transfer station dumpsters are continuing to fill to overflowing quickly each Sunday morning. Just a reminder then, that flattening your cardboard in advance helps reduce the volume. Composting your kitchen veggie and fruit scraps, teabags, coffee grounds — it all adds up to less trash, and an improved garden. I do recommend a metal trash can or other animal proof compost collector — rats and raccoons looooove the compost. And, of course, don’t forget the Unity Area Recycling Center for all your other recyclables if at all possible – they really do a good job of being organized and getting you in and out efficiently.

Town Office

Next Planning Board meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 8, 6:30 pm. Reminder! We still are in need of a fifth Planning Board member, and at least one alternate. We are a mellow group — don’t bite! — and work hard to ensure our Land Use Ordinance is followed and upheld for our citizens. You are welcome to attend our meetings at any time.

Missing! The Town Office is unable to find its copies of some documents. If you have a copy at your home, the Planning Board would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make a copy for our records and current work. We are in need of: The original Land Use Ordinance, pre-1999, and both the 1998 and the 1999 Town Reports.

Jackson History Nugget is taking a break in December. Even with the pandemic there’s so much to do in the holiday season that contemplative reading gets lost in the shuffle.