Please slow down when you see a snow plow coming. They are trying to stay in the road to make it safe for all of us. Please also be very cautious when coming up on a snow plow. Thank you.

Brian Simmons has for sale whole corn on cob, cracked corn, cob cornmeal and cornmeal. It's for farm animals and wildlife. Contact Brian at 322-4666.


Happy birthday to Emma Richards on Dec. 12, Richard Charette on Dec. 15, and Candy Scribner on Dec. 17.


Happy anniversary to Denise and Glen Loper on Dec. 11. Wishing you both a very happy day and many many more wonderful years together.

Jenese Harford and family would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts in the loss of Forest Harford, for the wonderful cards, emails, phone calls, hearing from you personally your condolences, food, support. We really appreciate it so much. Dad had a lot of friends and family that loved him and have so many great memories of him. Everyone has said great things about Dad and shared their memories of him. Thank you to all of you that have reached out, prayed for us and are just thinking of us. God bless you all

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. You have a really great week and keep your chins up; things will get better. Also smile and be kind to one another; life is way too short to be mean and argue all the time. Show kindness and love.

Quote of the week

Life is too short to argue and fight; count your blessings. Love the friends and family that are always there for you. Smile more often and make the most of every day. — Unknown