I remember the year 2014 well.

I was pregnant, finally, after years of struggling with infertility.

I had broken my lifetime personal-best in the deadlift just days before finding out I was pregnant.

I also attended my final New England Revolution home-closing match at Gillette Stadium that October, which was a win, and sealed their playoff spot for the season.

The Revs, for the first time in about seven years, went on to the finals. Only to be knocked out in extra time by the LA Galaxy.

The second time the Galaxy, coached by Bruce Arena, halted the Revs from that glorious title. And the third time overall it would stop them.

So it is easy to see why I side-eyed the arrival of Arena to the Revolution in 2019. But I welcomed him, because he would, without doubt, be a million times better than Brad Friedel, the coach that ruined a pretty standout home pitch record.

It also showed it was possible the Kraft family (yes, that Kraft family of the New England Patriots) were finally putting something, anything, into the team.

There is a reason why Kevin Alexander of Boston Magazine named them the worst owners in history. The Krafts, until recently, forgot they owned a soccer team.

2020 has been a year.

Not just in terms of the pandemic, and the complete change of our daily lives, but the sports world as well.

The Premiere League put the brakes on its season with about a dozen matches left in the 2019-2020 campaign. Major League Soccer shut down after their preseason games had gotten off the ground.

The plans to take our son to his first in-person match, put on hold. Hopefully next season we will find our way into the stands at Gillette Stadium to watch the Revs play.

The waiting game to see if there would be a season, started, and, well, it was worth the wait.

Arena has made use of the room the Krafts have given him, and has, in pretty speedy time, gotten the team turned around from its cringe-worthy run of the past several years.

I would like to think with the continued growth, there will be a season, soon, where the Revs aren't fighting at their last breath, in that season-ender, for a spot above the dreaded red line.

Longtime Revs player, Teal Bunbury, along with designated players Adam Buska, and Gustavo Bou were standout goal makers. In the net, goalie Matt Turner, got a chance to prove that space between the posts was his with six shutout games, and almost 70 saves — including really important penalty stops.

We also saw the return of Kelyn Rowe after a year of bouncing between Sporting Kansas City, Real Salt Lake, and other teams he was put out to on loan.

Lee Nguyen found his way back to Gillette in September. Though he was touted to be a good fill-in for injured Carles Gill, I do not know. I also could still be a bit annoyed with how Nguyen did an excellent job at severely playing down on his skill level because he wanted to be traded — and the Revs wanted to hold his contract for the signed duration.

By season's end, the Revs found themselves just above the playoff line in eighth. The final tally was 8-8-7 on the board for the abbreviated 23-game 2020 season.

It was not great, but it was better than it had been in previous seasons.

As a Revs' fan, much like being a West Ham United Fan, you are full of hope, but you also keep the expectations low.

Consistently dubbed the underdogs whenever they head into playoffs, it is equally unsurprising to see the Revs get knocked out early, or take it all the way to the finals against the Western Conference.

They managed, last season, thanks to a undefeated stretch after Arena took the reins, to make the playoffs. However, they did not make it far, being knocked out by Atlanta FC in that first game.

This season, it is looking like the Revs are up to their old tricks on the pitch.

Both times the Revs faced Montreal Impact in the regular season, they took home the wins. To not win in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs would have raised quite a few eyebrows. Especially since the Revs were literally sitting atop them in the final standings.

But to knock out Philadelphia Union? The number one Eastern team, that was undefeated at home this season?

This after failing to score against them in the first regular-season meeting, and then losing in the second meeting.

That is the New England Revolution, I know.

The Orlando City game, just recently, would be anyone's guess.

The teams had not faced one another in roughly a year, and that ended in a draw.

On paper, the Revs looked, well, like the Revs. As any Revs fan will tell you, though, the on-paper-bit does not mean really anything.

They have got tricks tucked into those kits of theirs, I swear it.

Or, it could be the fact that no matter where you put Tajon Buchanan on the pitch, he can play that position. He excelled in place for Gil while he was out injured (which meant Lee was not going to be the dynamo people claimed he would be). And, as a right fullback, he held his own against Orlando City's Nani (formerly of Manchester United), outplaying him on several runs throughout the match.

Maybe it was that Gil drew first blood with a penalty kick win in the 16th minute.

Adding in that Bou played like the La Pantera we know him to be, making two, seemingly effortless goals.

And Matt Turner was a brick wall against the penalty kick from Nani.

Despite less ball possession in the match, the Revs made solid use of what little they did have the ball at their feet, connected, and won the chances they took.

Another reminder that paper statistics mean nothing to this team. They are going to play how they are going to play, even defying those stats.

Which often leaves us yelling at our phones, television screens, from the stands in frustration when they are not playing how we know they can.

It is a Revs' world, and we fans just live in it.

Now … can they beat Columbus to take the Eastern title?

They have shown up five times before, winning each of those times. Which ties them with DC United for most conference titles.

Arena is the winningest coach in MLS history.

Does one and one make two? Sure.

But we also are talking about a team that sometimes forgets to show up, or even lace up their boots when they do.

I do believe there is a real, solid chance for the Revs to take the win against Columbus Crew, though.

However, the ultimate question is: Can the Revs finally take home an MLS Cup title?

With LA Galaxy, and the Houston Dynamo, failing to qualify for playoffs this year, could this finally be the New England Revolution's "it" year?

I am holding out hope they are not destined to be the soccer version of "always a bridesmaid, never a bride."