In an effort to give back to the community that supports it, as well as provide a safe indoor space for activities and recreation, the PITCH will donate time and space to area children and adults.

The free time will be at the indoor sports facility Monday, Dec. 7 through Thursday, Feb. 27.

The facility, located on 2606 Camden Road (Route 90), looks to provide a safe place for children to play and socialize during the pandemic, said Tammy Krul, co-owner and director of the facility.

PITCH staff will be present to supervise and encourage safe-play activities under the Community Sport Guidelines.

The facility will be open 2:30 to 4:45 p.m. for this program with time broken into providing space to students from certain school districts, as well as an adult day.

The following are the designated days for open gym:

Mondays — Regional School Unit 40 (Medomak Valley system).

Wednesdays — Regional School Unit 71 (Belfast system).

Thursdays — Five Town (Camden, Rockport, Appleton, Lincolnville, Hope system).

Fridays — Regional School Unit 13 (Oceanside system).

Saturdays — Adults (Midcoast).

Krul said the program is "open to anyone in the community looking for a safe place for recreation during the winter months, but spots are limited due to the Maine CDC safety guidelines. The Pitch will be divided into quarters to further separate grade cohorts during assigned times. Participants must preregister in their designated school district time slot so staff can monitor group cohorts and numbers. This program is first-come, first-served so register now to secure your spot."

Krul said the program was designed to give children and adults an opportunity to use the Pitch at no cost.

"It is a program that we would like to implement right away because of the pandemic, but the concept is something that we want to build on and continue for many years," she said. "In a nutshell, we would like to provide kids with an opportunity to come to the Pitch for free after school. This program is designed to be like a supervised recess where we encourage the kids to play school-yard games like kickball, soccer tennis, and capture the flag. Our staff will be present on the field to supervise and interact with the kids so they get that healthy role model component as well."

Krul said adult and teen volunteers are welcomed and encouraged for the program.

Masks are required at all times.

Visit the Pitch's website for a full description of safety guidelines and protocols before registering.

If interested, email Krul at

The Pitch was founded in 2013 by philanthropist Rick Bresnahan as a gift to the Midcoast. The facility is a multi-sport indoor turf facility managed by Robbie and Tammy Krul of the Dutch Soccer Academy.

The facility offers a variety of youth programs, adult leagues, tournaments, indoor toddler play room, inflatables, birthday party options, golf driving range, and a batting cage.

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