'Tis the season! How is yours going? In the immortalized words of the Brits, one must Keep Calm and Carry On. Apparently the British government came up with this expression in anticipation of the War in 1939, as a way to encourage the general populace to get through it.

I feel as though this pandemic, which continues to rage amongst us, is a kind of war and I am trying to stay calm, and carrying on is perhaps a way to stay sane — but not to be confused with “carry on” as in bad behavior! To that end, I am stringing Christmas lights, I have pulled out the nativity set to display in the house along with the nutcrackers and winter-themed music boxes — even if there’s nary a guest to share in the sparkly delights.

We usually have a random fallen fir to top for our tree but, strangely — given the windstorms we’ve had — they’ve all stood their ground. Perhaps we’ll have to break down and buy one from Rani and Jack over at the Marsh River Co-op in Brooks. I hope you are each finding a way to carry on and enjoy the holiday spirit in your own special way.

Winter & plowing are coming

Dare I say it? Winter is right around the corner, and if the weathermen are to be believed we will have had a little taste of it by the time you are reading this. The Town Office, and of course the Post Office, receive many calls during the winter in regard to damaged mailboxes from snow-clearing equipment.

The following is a reminder that our mailboxes are allowed to be curbside as a courtesy, and keep in mind your plow driver is often working in low visibility conditions on long shifts. Jackson Town Office wants to shared the following reminders:

There is a state law (29A MRSA 2396) that prohibits pushing of snow into the public way. "A person may not place and allow to remain on a public way snow or slush that has not accumulated there naturally."

Your plow drivers should not be leaving snowbanks out beyond where the town plow contractor has pushed the banks; you must get the snow you plow from your driveway beyond the plowed banks. If you plow across the road you must clean up snow cones left by your plow.

Secondly, mailboxes are in the right of way by permission of the municipality and if damaged, there is no legal entitlement to replacement or payment. I know that sounds a wee bit harsh, but reflectors, mobility – such as hanging by chains or on a swing bar – and having your mailbox clearly shoveled out can all help avoid your mailbox getting clipped by the plow.

That’s a wrap!

Jackson Food Pantry has been hosting a very successful regular weekend fundraising sales event of donated items. Cindy Ludden said that “After six months, it's all over. From the bottom of the Jackson Food Pantry board members' hearts, thank you, each and every one of you who came weekend after weekend to work, who also bought from us online and in person. Happy holidays to everyone. Thank you for helping us feed our neighbors and those around us.”

Town Office

The Town Office will be closed for vacation days on Dec. 17, all of Christmas week Dec. 21-25, and on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31.

All the Jackson dirt roads have now been graded.

The next selectmen’s meeting is Tuesday, Dec. 15, 6:30 p.m.

We are still in search of a copy of the original Land Use Ordinance.