On Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020, Dean Malcolm Harvey, 59, passed away at his home after a long battle with many illnesses, including cancer. He was surrounded by family at the time of his passing. He was born Nov. 13, 1961.

Dean touched many lives in his time, and will be severely missed by all. To many he was known simply as “Dad.” It didn’t matter if you were his biologically or not. He was a man who owned little, but was more than willing to give it away if he felt you needed it. Many people looked up to him and he was always there to lend an ear or to simply show kindness. Once you were in Dean’s heart, that is where you stayed.

Dean was a very hard worker and held many jobs throughout the years. He always gave everything he could (and then some) to everything he did. He was always the life of the party wherever he went and could put a smile on anyone's face. Dean was a lover of many types of music, but his heart was in country.

Dean is survived by his wife, Linda D. (Bigelow) Harvey; his children, Deana Harvey, Mitchell Harvey and wife Shannon, Ethan Harvey, Adrian Harvey, Gerald Harvey, Robert Gilmore, Virginia Waters, Patricia Waters, Michelle Waters and Paul Hustus II, and many more whom he held in his heart. He’s survived by many grandchildren and great- grandchildren. He is survived by brothers Mitchell Harvey, Darrell Harvey and wife, Duane Harvey, Mertland Harvey and wife, Meldon Harvey and wife; sisters Gene Harriman and husband and Kathi Harvey. He is also survived by many nieces, nephews and good friends.

Dean was predeceased by his mother, Effie (Malcolm) Harvey, father Alonzo Nelson Harvey, and nine siblings, along with special aunts, uncles and family members

To some, Dean was Papa; to others he was Dad; above all he loved many and was loved by more.