It often is said a wife is always correct. It does not matter what the topic. She always is right.

That definitely is true in the Miller household.

Coming into 2020 I could count on one hand how many times I have been right when my wife, Meagan, and I disagree — I keep count because we always laugh about how Meagan is correct 99 percent of the time, so when I finally get to be correct I make a huge deal of it.

With 2020 being as odd a year as any, I have almost doubled the times I have been correct, and now have to use both hands to count my "victories." I have taken great pride in that this year, and I hope to keep the momentum up for the rest of our lives. But, I admit, momentum is tough to maintain.

Anyway, a few weeks ago bragging rights were on the line as Meagan became our guest picker, when we needed someone in a pinch, for our weekly National Football League game predictions.

She actually read this column before it was published, and said: "You act like I wasn't the first choice" for guest picker, to which I replied, "you weren't." It is true, she was not.

Needless to say she was reluctant to participate, considering she does not watch much football. She will sit on the couch with me while I watch the Patriots' game, or another college or NFL contest, but only because I will rub her feet in the process (major husband points achieved with the feet rubbing).

I ran through the games with her and gave her information about which teams were missing key players, each team’s record, etc, which she did appreciate.

Meagan went out on her own limb at times, especially with her New York Jets' pick — who have not won a game all year, and still have not — to beat the Los Angeles Chargers, which almost came true, but the Chargers pulled out the victory 34-28.

On Thursday night, Nov. 19, popping up another finger on my other hand to determine I was right did not start off so hot, when the Seattle Seahawks — the team Meagan picked — beat the Arizona Cardinals — the team I chose — which left me in an early hole to start.

Things did not go much smoother after that, and, in hindsight, I wondered: was the universe trying to tell me something?

Of course the one week I get to battle my wife in something I have more knowledge, she kicks my butt. I finished 4-10 on the week, which is my worst week, I believe, since I started making picks a couple of years ago.

Meagan, on the other hand, finished 9-5, and not only bested me, but Courier Publications/VillageSoup owner Reade Brower (8-6), sports director Ken Waltz (6-8) and associate sports director Mark Haskell (6-8). Her 9-5 record brought the “guests” back into the season-long contest, as they slowly had fallen behind in recent weeks.

Not my most shining star moment, for sure, but it was for my wife. Waltz now calls her his “new hero.” And, rightfully so.

The look on her face when I told her she beat not only me, but all of us, was priceless (sorry, no photos or videos), as she could not believe it.

Someone who started as an apprehensible novice turned into a real “pigskin pundit” in a few short days.

With that, of course, the year that would not end continued to be wild, and again, my wife was right, and always will be.