The high school field hockey season, albeit abbreviated, packed plenty of excitement.

And, despite the campaign being significantly altered by COVID-19 — as were all fall sports — it was considered a success, under the circumstances, for Midcoast teams.

Belfast, Mount View of Thorndike and Oceanside of Rockland competed this season, as the Lions finished with an unblemished 6-0 record, the Mustangs 5-1 and the Mariners 2-2.

Of note, the only losses the Mariners and Mustangs endured were to the Lions.

The Lions, who outscored opponents 31-0 over six games this season and were coached by Jan Holmes-Jackson, included Kiara Doolan, Reilly Nickerson, Chelsea Gaiero, Grace Hall, Emily Woods, Sarah Woods, Kara Richards, Sadie Wheeler, Reagan Seekins, Hailee Lindelof, Madison Shorey, Audra Faulkingham, Mia Winslow and Brynne Sawyer.

Leading Belfast's offense were Sarah Woods (6 goals), Gaiero (9 goals, 2 assists), Emily Woods (goal, 3 assists), Doolan (2 goals, 7 assists), Wheeler (goal, assist), Richards (assist), Nickerson (4 goals, 2 assists), Hall (5 goals, assist), Faulkingham (3 goals, 3 assists), Seekins (2 assists) and Lindelof (assist).

“I would say this season my team played really well considering this COVID mess,” said Holmes-Jackson. “Before our 10-game season started we made a goal to win all of our games and not allow a goal. Even though we only played six games, we still met that goal and I feel like if we had played all 10 we would’ve as well. We scored 31 goals and we also obviously out cornered and outshot our opponents.”

The Mustangs, who outscored opponents 28-2 over six games and were coached by Gloria Hewett, included Dakota Jones, Mackenzie Burgess, Sophia King, Macy Fowler, Alexa Coffin, Greta Ahlefeld, Sonnie Heath, Kate Bourgeois, Jacie Nickerson, Allyee Corson, Ivory Spaulding, Ella Dudley, Bella Roberts, Sydney Bishop and Ella Sawyer.

Leading Mount View's offense were King (3 goals, 2 assists), Jones (goal), Ahlefield (2 assists), Burgess (goal), Fowler (8 goals, 3 assists), Coffin (10 goals, assist), Bourgeois (2 goals, assist), Spaulding (2 goals, 3 assists) and Nickerson (goal).

Hewett said: “The girls came together well as a team and made the most out of a changing situation.”

“When we got the word that we could actually play games against opponents my team was thrilled,” she said. “At that point we didn't know if we were going to be allowed to play and just being able to have games at all made a huge difference in the energy level of the girls. They approached each game as if it might be their last and tried to be as positive as possible. We scheduled the senior game as soon as we could so the girls could be honored as normally as possible. They were very happy to get gifts and see the field decorated and be able to present their families with a flower. We only got to play six out of our 10 possible games but each game was a gift.”

The Mariners, who outscored 14-4 over four games this season and coached by Joanna Hall, included Winter Adams, Geneva Alley, Vandrieli Barcellos, Alexa Barstow, Haley Black, Colette Black, Kaylee Chiaramonte, Sophia Clayton, Allison Colburn, Vandeslain Barcellos, Mackenzie Hobbs, Taylor Landry, Cassidy Novicka, Madolin Ripley, Erin Stevenson and Keaonna Turner.

Leading Oceanside offense's were Colette Black (2 goals), Stevenson (goal), Alley (goal) and Ripley (3 assists).

Hall said: “It was really nice seeing the girls have some normalcy.”

“They adjusted nicely and, along with the upperclassmen, made a good deal of progress during the abbreviated season,” she said. “The girls were very good about following the safety measures and took them seriously. We all felt safe. I am especially grateful that my two seniors, captains Alexa Barstow and Vandrieli Barcelos, were able to close out their high school field hockey careers on such a positive note even as we were in the middle of a pandemic.”

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