Lin Calista


The stockings have been hung and Christmas is on its way…

Vintage guitar for auction!

If you have a musician in your family who would treasure a vintage guitar, here is a unique opportunity. Carver Memorial Library is sponsoring an auction via eBay to sell a classic 1969 Gibson B-25 guitar donated by James Hyland of the Makers Guild of Maine. All proceeds will benefit the Musical Instrument Lending Library. The Gibson B-25 was the chosen guitar for folk singers in the 1960s. Its small body has brightness and ring to its tone, aged to perfection. Hurry! Bidding ends Sunday, Dec. 20.

Music to be borrowed

Now let me tell you about the Musical Instrument Lending Library program. (I’ll bet you didn’t know we had one!) Currently the library has an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a violin. a banjo, two mandolins and two ukuleles, all available to anyone who would like to learn or try out a new instrument. To get started, contact the library to check on availability. Any adult patron with a current Carver Library borrower account in good standing can check out an instrument for four weeks. A replacement fee may be applied to lost or damaged items. The musical instrument lending library was designed in partnership with the Makers Guild of Maine with donations from the Old Time Players of Maine.

If you have instruments or accessories in good condition that you’d like to donate, please contact The program cannot accept wind instruments and they must be portable. Keyboards, concertinas, steel drums, drum pads and drum pad sets, as well as string instruments are all acceptable.

Reminder: Carver Memorial Library will be closed Dec. 24 and 25 for Christmas as well as Jan. 1 for New Year's

On the hunt for Irish trash

You might have heard about the ship that spilled trash in Penobscot Bay that washed up on the beaches of Sears Island this week (see story on page A1). Because I live nearby, the paper sent me out to see what I could photograph for the story. So me and my Samsung phone camera went off to join the likes of big TV cameras on a hunt for trash. (Mama would be so proud.) Yes, it was a mess for this pristine area and I was glad it was being picked up very promptly, but the thought struck me that that we in Maine have to import trash from Ireland to support our recyclable furnace? We don’t produce enough trash on our own? That was a news event in itself! Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to come up with more chip bags and a few Guinness boxes to make for that deficiency (only kidding).

My Christmas wish to you all is ”May your Christmas boxes and wrappings not end up on the beach in Searsport” Be safe and have an enjoyable holiday season!