The 2020 high school soccer season, however brief, provided plenty of goals, saves, spirited field play and excitement.

On the boys side, Mount View of Thorndike finished 6-0, Medomak Valley 4-0-1, Belfast 3-2, Oceanside 0-3-1 and Searsport 0-4.

On the girls side, the Mustangs finished 6-0, Panthers 4-1, Vikings 1-3-1, Lions 0-4-1 and Mariners 0-4.

Area teams from Camden Hills of Rockport and Vinalhaven-North Haven, opted out of the fall season due to COVID-19 concerns. The Windjammer girls were the four-time defending state Class A champions.

The following is a breakdown of local team’s rosters and offensive leaders for 2020:


The Panthers outscored opponents 20-5 and were coached by Brian Campbell. Medomak Valley included Zach Cheesman, Brandon Starr, Will Smith, Zak Winpenny, Aiden Starr, Coleman Swain, Ian Doughty, Parker Morrison, Gavin Readinger, Isaiah Staples, Po Pfirrmann, Addison Mellor, Jake Bickmore, Aiden Sawyer, Will Cheesman, Jack Duncan and Jaiden Starr.

Leading Medomak Valley's offense were Zach Cheesman (6 goals, 3 assists), Swain (goal), Duncan (3 goals), Mellor (4 goals, 3 assists), Doughty (3 goals, 3 assists), Staples (goal, 2 assists), Will Cheesman (goal), Winpenny (goal) and Morrison (2 assists).

The Mustangs outscored opponents 35-9 and were coached by Jeremy Von Oesen. Mount View included Brady Moulton, Noah Hurd, Anthony Lepore, Hayden Porter, Vern Smith, Draedyn Furrow, Aiden Hubbard, Max Eastham, Cameron Rae, Hunter Perry, Dawson Biewas, Ryan Oliver, Kevin Kinney, Cole Ripley, Zachary Suitor, Isaac Widmer, Connor Aicken, Gunner Martin, Sean Raven, Tyler Russell, Declan Knowlton, Joe Grassi, Logan Strout, Ruben Schofield, Nick Cobb, Nick Finley, Kyle Ingraham, Gage Thibeau and Ricky Nelson. Junior varsity players were included in Mount View’s roster.

"Our season was more than we thought we would get but less than we wanted," said Von Oesen. "To have a strong, unified, together group ready to succeed and see it not reach its potential was tough and we all made the best of it. Undefeated with a limited schedule does not demonstrate what could have been accomplished and we believed we would see a tough Waynflete team at the end again and the boys were up for the challenge. The sudden end when Waldo [County] went 'yellow' was even more challenging, but we move on and many are with us for the start of basketball in hopes we can do well with what we are given for a season."

Leading Mount View's offense were Grassi (2 goals), Russell (10 goals, 3 assists), Furrow (8 goals, 2 assists), Hurd (5 goals), Kinney (2 goals), Widmer (goal), Schofield (5 goals, 1 assist), Finley (goal, assist) and Porter (goal).

The Lions, outscored 16-15, were coached by Howard Fogg. Belfast included Chance Clark, Jason Bartlett, Tanner Brewer, Zepherin Leppanen, Cole Martin, Ollie Tarbox, Jonah Lovejoy, Will Robbins, Steven Friel, Lincoln Outerbridge, Chris Kelley, Holden Nichols, Nick Ritchie, Ronin Deschamps, Zubar Yacoe, Chase Sanders, Lincoln Graf, Zeke Slaughter, Ethan Hall, Tanner Veilleux, Joe Lemon and Brigham Graf.

Leading Belfast's offense were Ritchie (goal), Nichols (2 goals), Leppanen (3 goals, assist), Bartlett (goal), Lovejoy (3 goals), Lincoln Graf (2 goals), Hall (goal), Clark (goal) and Veilleux (goal).

The Mariners, outscored 11-3, were coached by Matt Petrie. Oceanside included Alex Bartlett, Landyn Benner, Aidan Bonzagni, Bowen Brann, Nathan Coombs, Connor Earley, William Eaton, Hayden Jacques, Jacob Lavi, Ryan Lynch, Taygan McAllister, Isaiah Meklin, Hunter Monroe, Grayson Morris, Derek Myster, Liam Porter, Andry Adrian Sermeno Ormeno, Dennis Melvin, Hunter Shook, Ben Tripp, Sam Vose, James Weinand, Blane Poland, Henri Weinand, Noah Ross, Harrison Garcia and Dylan Benner. Junior varsity players were included in Oceanside’s roster.

Leading Oceanside's offense were Jacques (2 goals), Garcia (goal) and Shook (assist).

The Vikings, outscored 25-7, were coached by John Frye. Searsport included Isaias Therio, Gabe Kneeland, Josh Wright, Chase Brassbridge, Eli Law, Ellis Braga, Thomas Bradley, Sam Cahill, Gage Ellis, Cole Ellis, Robert Walker, Ryan Ordelt, Nate Ashey, Sean Paige and Tim Smith.

Leading Searsport's offense were Wright (goal), Law (goal), Gage Ellis (2 goals), Paige (goal), Gabe Kneeland (2 goals) and Brassbridge (2 assists).


The Panthers outscored opponents 19-4 and were coached by Darryl Townsend. Medomak Valley included Lizzi Swan, Julia Kunesh, Hannah Lee, Zaniah Puchalski, Emma Simmons, Paige Flaherty, Eliza Nelson, Abby Lash, Emma Kunesh, Emily Harris, Cameron Bains, Baylee Stewart, Grace White, Haley Puchalski, Autumn Ripley, Stephanie Morse, Katherine McKenney, Ruth Havener, Alyssa Creamer, Maya Cannon, Annie Vannoy, Addison McCormick and Sara Nelson.

Leading Medomak Valley's offense were Vannoy (5 goals, 4 assists), Ripley (2 goals), Lash (8 goals, 2 assists), Creamer (3 goals, assist), Morse (assist), Flaherty (goal), Havener (assist), Cannon (assist) and Haley Puchalski (assist).

The Mustangs outscored opponents 36-5 and were coached by David Page. Mount View included Lydia Bryant, Gabby Allen, Jensen Aspinall, Kaylee Anderson, Hailey Wood, Hannah Lawrence, Gabby Kaczmarek, Gabby Hanks, Gabby Ravin, Sage Pound, Mia Rae, Hannah Coolen, Charliza Shibles, Maddie Roux, Greta Blake, Isabelle Holt, Ava Nickerson, Hannah Ferreira, Ezra Holt, Madison Bison, Madison Oliver and Jordan Von Oesen.

"Record-wise, our season was a success," said Page. "Coming into this season we felt we were a top contender in North 'C' and our goal was to get to the state game. So, obviously we were extremely disappointed that we didn't get the chance to work towards all our goals, especially with 10 seniors on the roster. We got shut down early, but a lot of schools didn't even hit the field, so we're happy to have gotten that opportunity. We were able to give every player varsity experience in every game so that will only help their development going forward."

Leading Mount View's offense were Pound (9 goals, 5 assists), Allen (15 goals, 2 assists), Coolen (3 goals, 2 assists), Roux (goal, assist), Ravin (4 goals, 4 assists), Shibles (goal), Bisson (assist), Blake (assist), Ferriera (assist), Rae (2 goals, assist), Bryant (assist) and Holt (goal).

The Vikings, outscored 20-11, were coached by Briana Ellis. Searsport included Sarah Gent, Makenzie Alley, Cassidy Priest, Abby Donnelly, Rosa Estes, Jordan Greeley, Kyla Perkins, Sadie Golder, Mykenzie Tripp, Joanna Wilson, Josh Bragdon, Samantha Lewis, Terrin Connor, Jayde Stone, Lily Nadeau and Emily Mello.

Leading Searsport's offense were Alley (7 goals), Tripp (goal) and Nadeau (goal). Two Searsport goals were unaccounted.

The Mariners, outscored 16-0, were coached by Rene Dorr. Oceanside included Jillian Barnard, Madison Benner, Margaret Callahan, Isabel Danforth, Melissa Fogg, Katherine Freeman, Hannah Glidden, Natalee Hitz, Alexia Knowlton, Aubryn Knowlton, Caitlyn Lamb, Audrey Mackie, Ada Marves, Bianca Matthews, Ava Philbrook, Alaina Prior, Kamryn Prior, Hannah Robinson, Michaela Smith, Martina Straka, Emily Sykes, Josie Tabbutt, Hayley Tufts, Grace VanBuskirk, Sophie Vose, Abby Waterman, Grace Webber, Mariah Willis and Grace Woodman.

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