A sad state of affairs

What the heck is wrong with us? We have foreign countries attempting to destroy Western Maine with their phony clean energy corridor. We have foreign countries planning aquaculture plants on shore that will dump polluted water into our bay, then sell us a mono-cultured fish that in no way resembles the wild product in either taste or quality. If that is not enough to get your dander up, we are now importing waste from foreign countries to be burned and then dumped into our limited landfills.

A number of years ago I cosponsored a bill that would have stopped the importation of waste from out-of-state into Maine. I, along with my representative, sat in on a hearing where we were informed that federal law made it illegal to interfere with interstate commerce. As bad as that is for those of us that are concerned with the health of our environment, the latest attack comes from foreign sources.

A recent news report informed us that a ship from Ireland unloaded plastic waste at Searsport. Probably the only reason that we have become aware of this is because of the accident that allowed a portion of this waste to spill into Penobscot Bay and wash ashore on Sears Island. How long has this been going on, and who the hell thinks it’s a good idea? Our landfills are already overburdened with our own waste as well as that from out-of-state. Do we really need to be a landfill for the rest of the world?

It seems to me that Maine is being sold to the highest bidder There are hundreds of acres of agricultural land that are being covered with solar panels that will never produce enough electricity to reduce the effects of climate change. Maine, the way life should be, is going to hell and fast. We are selling off the future of this beautiful state for a quick buck and faster loss of those things that have made Maine special. Access to public and private land for recreational use is being reduced by the recent influx of those from away with lots of money buying up large plots of land and immediately posting that land. It ain’t the Maine way and it is sad to see.

Leo H. Mazerall Jr.

Stockton Springs

Biden unfit

Joe Biden’s verbal gaffs are troubling enough, but the problem goes deeper. Joe has had a ruptured cerebral aneurysm and subdural bleed for which he underwent two open head surgical procedures to clip the aneurysms. This is a major neurological insult from which he had a prolonged rehabilitation. His recovery has been creditable, but it is taking its toll. Sometimes he has trouble maintaining a train of thought from the beginning to the end of a single sentence. Particularly disturbing is when he starts a sentence, it breaks down in the middle, and ends up in so much unintelligible gibberish.

Under the guise of the pandemic, his handlers have kept Joe under tight wraps. When he does surface, he is petulant and unpredictable, and televised press conferences are carefully crafted to not really challenge him. When he is, his fallback response is, “C’mon man, blaa, blaa, blaa, etc.” How is that going to work out when he tries to match wits with some of the wiliest jackals on the world stage?

It is pathetic when the talent pool in the Democrat Party is so shallow that the poobahs in the back room of the Democratic National Committee have to trot out poor old, let-out-to-pasture Joe Biden to find a candidate with broad enough general appeal to swing an election. If actually elected, it is doubtful he will stay the course. Nancy Pelosi has already sent up the 25th Amendment trial balloon regarding removing a president unfit to discharge the duties of the office. Not for President Trump, but Joe Biden?

Hire the handicapped. I get it. But not as your starting pitcher for the seventh game of the World Series.

David Reed


Curry the 'real deal'

We are delighted that Waldo County elected Chip Curry our state senator. Chip is the “real deal.” We’ve worked and worshiped with him. Our families have volunteered and celebrated together. Chip Curry and his wife Christi Goosman are community “sparkplugs” who labor day in and day out with glad hearts to help our children and community grow and prosper in ways that can be sustained.

Chip brings a seasoned capacity for teamwork, fostering the best in others. From chairing the Belfast Maskers Theatre group and ice curling, to creating local education advancements, Chip’s spirit emanates a “we’re all in this together” value. Whatever the community challenge, problem, or need, Chip is usually found shoulder-to-shoulder with many others to achieve the common goal. We can’t think of anyone better than Chip Curry to truly represent all of us in Augusta as our new state senator.

In these hard times, when the pandemic, tough job market, wounded economy, and bombastic politicians seem relentless, it’s so refreshing that someone who imbues the heart and soul of our wonderful community will now also represent us in Augusta.

Scott Denman

Wendy Watkins