With the election 45 days behind us, why can't we "stop the stupid" and move on?

Tackling that question is multileveled and goes deeper than “Why can’t the facts just lead the way?” It is because emotions override truth and fear trumps everything.

With 40 plus lawsuits dismissed because no credible evidence has been produced showing a rigged election, and a Supreme Court’s decision to "stop the stupid," are “we the people” capable of looking at healing the country and moving forward or are we choosing to continue into the abyss?

Trump has taught many of his followers to never be gracious in defeat; in looking at his history, that is not surprising. Instead of congratulations and a concession, he continues his norm of double-down tweets, name-calling and falsehoods that are hurting our country and not doing anything to make "America Great." These are the Trump years we are living through; Trump should take credit for the policies he is proud of and search for some humility in recognizing that Joe Biden is our president-elect. Instead, his obstructionism is hurting our response to COVID and the crisis at hand now.

Rather than unite us, he goes back to what he is really good at, riling up his base (something Trump does with ease and competence) of supporters with incredible conspiracy theories of voting machines changing votes and sending them to the moon (perhaps it was Ukraine) rather than understand that the reality is he lost both the electoral college votes needed to retain his job and, by a pretty large margin, the popular vote that should adequately signify that America is ready to move on from the Trump years.

The Supreme Court weighing in recently (or deciding there was nothing to weigh in on) should be the final card played, but it is not. Martial law perhaps is Trump’s last bet to keep him in the White House as he tells his base to "lock and load" because Biden, Harris and the communists are out to take away your guns and your freedoms? Enough. Trump preaches "law and order"; this is not what law and order looks like.

Never a big Joe Biden fan, until now, because he has been the quintessential insider politician. But now, in these times, Biden is exactly what is needed; someone who has experience with government and the relationships with both friends and foes in the legislative branch, to get things done. Joe is the right guy for these times.

We are lucky in Maine to now have a group of adults huddling together to move our state forward. Susan Collins being reelected gives us balance, sensibility (you might not like her politics if you are a Democrat, but she is moderate, conciliatory, durable, tireless, smart and can get things done) and she has the experience to help Biden navigate these difficult times (and she will). Angus King is another moderate in the Senate who has devoted himself to Maine, first as governor, now as a person whose core philosophy is rooted in kindness and saneness, and his principal goals are to move this country forward with sane economic and foreign policy built on common sense. With Gov. Janet Mills we have seen the steady hand, one rooted in listening to all who voted for her, and those who did not. Mills leads with the weight of her foot in social justice and humanity.

Enough of the tweeting twits who will not talk to the other side and those who will block just for the sake of the block.

Why can't we heal as a nation?

Broken down to its simplest component, a scab will not heal if you keep picking it.

So, onward.

Wear a mask not because you must but because you respect those who need you to.

This, too, shall pass. As a barefoot runner, footwear is optional when feet hit the pavement. Not so, when walking into a restaurant or store. Those around me do not want to hear about my barefoot rights or how bare feet are more sanitary than shoes (when is the last time you washed your smelly sneakers — these feet are washed and cleaned up every day whether they need it or not) or about why my freedom to bear feet (hey, you can bear arms, why can’t I bear feet) being violated?

Perhaps the answer is that some fights are too stupid to pick; carrying flip-flops respects others who do not share the passion for going "natural," as nature/God intended for me. That is also why nudists do not have the freedom to go to public places with no clothes on.

If there is one word that will get us to the promised land, R-E-S-P-E-C-T is it. As Rodney King said, after recovering from a severe beating, “Why can’t we all just get along?”


“It is easier to lead men to combat, stirring up their passion, than to restrain them toward the patient labors of peace.” — Andre Gide, Author, Nobel Laureate (1869-1951)