I’m Baaack!

I guess writing a town column runs in the blood. For many years, I wrote the Waldo town column and now, after moving to Frankfort, I am writing the Frankfort column. I continue to write From The Ground Up, a home/garden column, which appears in The Republican Journal, Camden Herald and Courier Gazette.

The reasons for moving were several and prominent among them was my being hired as pastor of Frankfort Congregational Church. Now, instead of a long drive both ways, the church is within walking distance of my new home. And that’s not all that’s within walking distance.

Unlike Waldo, with no town center, Frankfort has most all of its public buildings and business in one place. All within walking distance of each other are the local variety store, barber shop, highway department, church, library and reading room, town hall, post office and gun shop. What more could anyone ask for?

The Frankfort Congregational church has a very active membership and, virus notwithstanding, hosts a variety of public events. The regular turkey dinners are well-known throughout the area. This season, though, the dinners changed from sit-down affairs to take-out. Nonetheless, these were well attended. The annual Christmas fair was canceled, as was the Christmas Eve service. Hopefully, things will get back to normal once the vaccines become widely available.

All the above-mentioned places remain open for business with the exception of the library and reading room, which will open once the virus abates.

Frankfort has a rich history, which I am only beginning to explore. Here’s an example. Early Frankfort saw a booming granite industry. Much of the very fine white and gray granite from Waldo and Mosquito Mountains was shipped far and wide. Mt. Waldo granite was used in building such places as the Washington Monument, Tomb of The Unknown Soldier, Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City and the public library in St. Louis Missouri, among others.

As the weeks and months pass, I will present short history vignettes. There is much to write about.

Meanwhile, I look forward to serving the community as the town correspondent. Also, I hereby solicit input from Frankfort residents for news for this column. News, by the way, doesn’t need to be earth-shattering. Birthdays and anniversaries are welcomed, as are items about family gatherings and so on.

Just email or write me with your news, using the contact information atop this column. Note that the column gets sent out each Friday, so in order to get your news in for the following week, please have it to me before Friday.

Thanks, and I look forward to working with everyone and sharing the Frankfort Town News.