Merry Christmas Eve! Happiest of holidays to you all! We got a little jump-start on that cold — about 5 degrees here this morning. I like to give the sheep a generous helping of grain on these nights. Harold and Cheryl Moore’s wonderful hay keeps them roly-poly but we all need something extra in this cold.

And, as you may have surmised, I have broken down and put out cat food for the new kids in town. It’s always gone in the morning, and yes, I have put out the game camera to make sure it’s not just rats! During the day I see these two cats across the pasture, racing across the snow, or sitting in the sun cleaning themselves. But, they disappear instantly when I go out.

I hope everyone will be able to enjoy a healthy and happy holiday. Fingers crossed all that online shopping now gets delivered in time! Given the growing COVID numbers, I am thinking a big ole bonfire might be the way to go for outdoor distanced socializing as per Dr. Shah and CDC’s recommendations.

On a more somber note, it has been noticed that there has been some dirt bike riding going around the loop road at the Jackson Corner Cemetery, with skid marks and slide marks. Rocks that get thrown up from this may cause costly damage or defacement to the headstones. Additionally, it appears drivers doing doughnuts in front of the Jackson Corner Church have been destroying the grass, splashing mud up onto the walls and have broken at least one window. Please, if you have any idea who may be responsible, can we ask them to respect both the living and the dead?

Please note: Tattooed Dad Brewing Co. will be closed Dec. 25-27 for Christmas.

A grateful thank-you to all those who helped make it possible to feed the countless hungry in this time of the pandemic. If you are still looking to make a donation to those in need, there are a number of Waldo County nonprofits and charities, in addition to our own Jackson Food Pantry, which serves a number of Waldo County towns. These include Waldo Community Action Partners, waldocap.org, and — not to forget our four-legged friends — Waldo County Pet Food Pantry, https://waldo-county-pet-food-pantry.business.site.

I may throw these words down on paper, but it’s your town news so please, if you have anything you’d like to share, just send me an email or call — contact info above.

Looks like it may be a white Christmas after all! Merry Christmas! Happy winter solstice! Happy holidays!