Let’s downgrade the gloomy and the dire this Pandemic Christmas Season and celebrate as best we can!

Sears Island thanks you!

The Friends of Sears Island is ever so grateful for the concerns and help in cleaning up the shredded plastic washed up on the western shore. Although there is no organized system for volunteering in the cleanup, If you’d like to help, here are some tips to prepare you:

Dress warmly, bring a bucket or a bag, and maybe something to kneel on. It is only possible to work for an hour or so before the next tide comes in. The plastic is located on the western shore facing the cargo port of Mack Point from the causeway to the jetty. You’ll find shredded plastic enmeshed in the seaweed at the high tide line.

You can pick out the shreds of plastic, but you can also pick up clumps of seaweed to take away. Then you can leave the bags or containers you’ve collected by the trash barrels next to the port-a-potty at the gate.

Finally, the friends would like to document how many people have participated and how much time was spent; if you could send a brief email and let them know, that would be appreciated!

Color-coding the pandemic

As COVID-19 rages on, Sue McClintock, our clever librarian, has come up with a color-coding system to judge safety at Carver Memorial Library. The limits are based on county and local numbers such as the daily case rate, as well as the positivity and the infection rates. She’s also considered local recommendations as to the size and layout of the building. The colors will be posted at the door.

The colors go as follows: Red means the building is closed, but the book drop is open as well as curbside service. Orange means the building is limited to one household at a time, and services are limited. Yellow means the building is open for limited days and hours, limited visitors, computer and printer use for essential functions only, and canceled events. Green means the library is open for limited days and hours for visits of 30 minutes or less, events and gatherings to square-foot limits, masks and social distancing required for ages 2 and up.

Blue means the library has normal hours and social distancing is no longer required. For more detailed information regarding the color codes, please refer to the Carver Library website.

Wreaths Across America

I hope some of you had a chance to wave and salute the trucks on their way to Arlington National Cemetery as they passed through Searsport Saturday. Always a touching moment to remember true patriotism and sacrifice as they go by.

May you all have a memorable holiday!