Hello Waldo!

Last Sunday I was out for a run on the dirt road just before dusk headed toward Wagner Hill (I’m not sure if that is what it is actually called, but it’s what we call it) with the railroad tracks up ahead when I swore I saw a large dark shadow quickly cross the road. For a moment I thought maybe it was a bear and considered turning back, but then a car passed and I convinced myself I was imagining it and kept going.

Well, a few days later I received an email from Brooke Reed on Waldo Station Road with a great photo of a black bear on her and her boyfriend’s game cam they captured during hunting season. Wow! It remains to be seen whether this one is just passing through or is a local resident. Please let me know if you have a bear sighting, too! I imagine he may want to hunker down soon with this cold and snow.

For those who have reached out and asked about my herbal business, it’s called Bee Balm & Nettle. I grow medicinal flowers and herbs here in Waldo (and sometimes on my husband’s family’s land in Lincolnville) where we are certified organic by MOFGA. I then turn these crops into body care goods, loose leaf teas, and sell bulk herbs to other herbalists. My husband often grows organic grain as well (in Lincolnville where there’s more land). You can check it out online at or follow along at

This week the local business I’m highlighting is M&S Painting, which is co-owned by Matt Abbot (who is also co-owner of the trail cam that caught the black bear) on Waldo Station Road. He and his business partner, Spencer Garvin, bought the business from Joe Laliberte in 2018. Combined, Matt and Spencer have 30 years of professional painting experience!

The crew specializes in new builds, renovations, and restorations. Most of the work is residential but they do take on commercial jobs, too. Their services include sanding, priming, walls, trim, doors/windows, and cabinetry, as well as custom requests. They can do deck work as well as minor carpentry to ensure a complete, perfect job.

Matt and Spencer go as far as mixing their own custom stains to meet a client’s specific vision. This past summer they began using a 60-foot man lift to speed up those exterior jobs, allowing them to increase efficiency.

M&S Painting is booking interior work for this winter and exterior jobs for spring/summer 2021. For more information, call Matt at 322-3919 and be sure to check out M&S Painting LLC on Facebook.

If you have your own Waldo-based business you’d like me to highlight please email me information to share!

I hope you’re all staying warm; this cold spell is nothing new to us Mainers but it doesn’t mean it is our preferred weather!

Once again we are facing holidays this month that look a little different than past years, especially as COVID cases rise in our county. It is a time of year when we traditionally think of others more than ourselves, and the growing pandemic here is a reminder to think of our friends and neighbors as we put on our masks, keep our gatherings to small, limited pods, and perhaps form new traditions we may not otherwise have had the opportunity to create.

Season’s greetings, Waldo!