Belfast Parks and Recreation will host a sing-along event New Year's Eve. City Council supported the event at its Dec. 15 meeting.

Singers will be situated 14 feet apart, facing the bay, standing in The Commons so onlookers can listen from Front Street in front of the park at 2 p.m. Singers and guests must adhere to mask and social distancing mandates at the event, organizer Aynne Ames said in a press release.

Chairs will not be provided, so viewers are asked to bring their own. The event is not a Christmas celebration or affiliated with any political opinion, the coordinator wrote.

"Yes, we have to jump through a lot of hoops to make this hour happen, but look what we’ve jumped through already," Ames wrote. "Let’s come together, all people, all shapes and sizes, colors and beliefs. We are to open our hearts and voices to say 'We’re still here and we are going to turn the page and move ahead together.'"

For more information about the event or to participate, contact Ames at