With the latest Courier Publications/VillageSoup sports poll in the books, a new, and perhaps controversial, question arises in the newest survey, as the staff asks about professional sports team's mascot names.

The latest poll asks: Now that the Cleveland Indians plan to change their name and Washington football team has done the same, should all teams, such as Kansas City Chiefs, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Braves and Florida State Seminoles, for example, find new names?

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The Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team announced on Monday, Dec. 14 it will change its name, as the franchise becomes the second to change its name this year after the Washington Redskins announced on July 3 they would change their name to the Washington Football Team, until a new name was decided.

According to mlb.com, Cleveland will continue to be called the Indians "until a new name is chosen and various branding and trademarking issues are resolved."

Cleveland has been known as the Indians since 1915, and the earliest a new name will take effect will be 2022.

In the previous sports poll, the sports staff asked if a high school winter sports season will take place, and 59.2 percent of respondents do not believe it will take place. Another 22.6 percent believe it will happen, but will be delayed, while 16.5 percent believe it will happen on time. One-point-seven percent were undecided.

News broke on Friday, Dec. 4 that the Maine Principals' Association, in collaboration with state agencies, pushed back team-based practices and scrimmages, originally slated to begin on Monday, Dec.14, to Monday Jan. 4.

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