Hello Monroe!

Happy New Year! May 2021 consist of overall improvements from the state of 2020. Perhaps by this year’s end we won’t be advised to wear face coverings, squinting while out and about to try and determine who that is we’re making eye contact with; or be directed by arrows and signs in stores; or be advised not to gather in certain locations in certain numbers of people. My New Year’s hope is for enough of a handle to be had on this global pandemic for more people to be safe and so things can go back to more of a previously known normal. I still tip my hat to all those working tirelessly to combat this virus that has gripped the planet.

I’m predicting some realities of the pandemic may hang around and continue benefiting many: contactless checkouts, to-go grocery services. Others things simply cannot and, in my opinion, should not be replaced by technology and distancing: community meals, in-person education, sports, Memorial Day at the park in Monroe. I eagerly hope those aspects of life as we once knew it return, sooner rather than later.

Holiday spirit

Maddie Oliver is one of my favorite teens here in Monroe. I was lucky enough to get to know her during her three years at Mount View Middle School, and have run into her in the halls of the high school while subbing recently.

As a freshman at Mount View High School this year, Maddie works harder than most and does it all with a smile and great attitude. Going above and beyond, as she does for most themed spirit days, Maddie is the subject of this photo, which her grandmother Lynda Oliver shared recently. It captures Maddie's creativity and fun personality. Thank you for giving us something to smile about, Maddie!

Worth celebrating

Two of my favorite couples in Monroe celebrated big marriage milestones to finish out the year 2020. Married for 46 years on Dec. 21, warm congratulations to Ray and Cindy Moody. And celebrating 41 years of marriage on Dec. 22, well done Jackie and David Robbins!

Congratulations to the following young adults from Monroe: Cooper Grierson for both his recent college acceptance to Washington County Community College and also for being the recipient of Waldo County Technical Center student of the quarter honors in the Electrical Trades program; Meagan DeMerchant for her WCTC student of the quarter honors from the CNA program; and Morgan Fonger on her recent acceptance to the University of New England.


My thoughts are with the extended Porter family and the many friends and neighbors who were honored enough to know Evelyn Porter during her long lifetime of 93 years. Though not lucky enough to know her personally myself, I thoroughly enjoyed reading her obituary and do not doubt the strong, positive presence she filled as a Monroe community member for the majority of her life. Those of you who she knew and loved certainly have been blessed.

Have a great week!