Dec. 31, 1885

The smelt fishermen now have their canvas tents upon the ice above the bridges, and the regular winter fishing has begun.

A monster turkey weighing twenty-four pounds was hanging in Eli Cook’s market last week. The fowl was raised by R. W. Ellis, in this city. Geo. O. Bailey bought the turkey for a Christmas dinner.

The sleighing of last week brought out the trotting horses and our streets were converted into race courses and trotting parks. The ordinance against fast driving was violated every day to the danger of the public.

Jan. 5, 1905

Saturday the boys and girls were sliding on the sidewalks, while pedestrians took to the streets. The walking was better in the streets and the sliding better on the sidewalks.

Belfast was a dry city last Friday. There was a leak in the supply pipe of the water works on Northport avenue Thursday afternoon and when the faucets were turned on Friday morning no water came. From a former experience few attributed the trouble to frozen pipes, and inquiry of neighbors soon established the fact that the whole city was dry.

Jan. 1, 1925

Electric lights are being installed in several houses in the neighborhood and in R. H. Mosher’s store. Fred Horne of Belfast is doing the work in a very satisfactory manner.

Twice within the past week, once in the early morning and once in the evening the unmistakable cries of a wild cat or lynx have been heard from the woods near the village. The ferocious yells seem to indicate that the cat is of good size, and on Monday local hunters were busy searching the woods in the hope of striking the tail of his “catship.”

Jan. 1, 1948

A neatly painted bulletin board at the corner of Main and High Streets now gives notice of the skating conditions at Kirby Lake from day to day.

Waldo County potato growers contributed more than 2,000 pounds of potatoes to the Red Cross for feeding fire evacuees in Ellsworth during the emergency.

Jan. 6, 1966

Utilities Report Plans for Me. Nuclear Plant

Interest in the possibility of a nuclear powered electrical generating plant for the coastal area of Maine continued this week with the announcement that a private power corporation was being formed for such a project and the report that the Legislative screening committee had turned down two bills calling for action on a Maine Power Authority in the coming special session of the Maine Legislature.

An announcement made on Monday by the president of the Central Maine Power Company stated that a new corporation, the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company, had been formed in Maine and other New England electrical utility companies as stockholders in the new company.

Compiled from archival holdings by Sharon Pietryka, Reference & Special Collections Librarian at the Belfast Free Library.