The following deed transfers were recorded were recorded from Dec.18 through Dec. 24, 2020, at the Waldo County Registry of Deeds:


Sally L. Brophy and Constance N. Hatch to Michelle Ratte and Eric Sheholm.

John Lothrop Administrative Trust to Melissa Pimentel and Simon Robertson.

Christopher G. Delehanty and Margaret Jarand to Donald E. Warren and Judy H. Warren.

David R. Dyer to David Allen-Clark and Joshua Allen-Clark.

Debbie L. Murphy Revocable Trust to Scott Milligan and Michelle E. Milligan.

Gary J. Hagan and Margaret H. Hagan to Houlton Holdings LLC.

Brian K. Cooper to Cranberry Meadow Preserve.

Michael Manning and Letitia Gray Manning to Katharine Wales and Matthew C. Miner.


Persephone Baughman to Richard Roye and Lisa Roye.


Wells Fargo Bank National Association TR and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-2 to Ahmed Al Abbas and Ali Alali.

William David Heuerman and Sue Ann Huseman to Frederick Naborowsky and Donna Naborowsky.


Charlotte Shaw to William R. Leighton.


Donald P. Etchison to Michael Clayton.


Lori J. Merolla to Mark W. Power and Kathleen Power.


Neil M. Lehoux to Perchensis Family Revocable Trust.

Thomas P. Sharkey to Lisa Damtoft.

Taylor Family Trust to Darren Mehuren and Janine Mehuren.

James A. Taylor to Darren Mehuren and Janine Mehuren.

Dewayne Reid and Michelle Sheff to Michael Bickley Caron.


David C. Flanagan and David Flanagan to Walter Lamont Jr.

John D. Bertuzzi to Gail C. Bertuzzi.

John D. Bertuzzi and Gail C. Bertuzzi to Gail C. Bertuzzi.

John D. Bertuzzi to Gail C. Bertuzzi.

Stonecoast Road LLC to Gail C. Bertuzzi.

Bruce S. Nash and Lorraine A. Nash to Christina E. Stanek.

Gail C. Bertuzzi to Bertuzzi Family Irrevocable Trust.

Gail C. Bertuzzi to Bertuzzi Family Irrevocable Trust.

Gail C. Bertuzzi to Bertuzzi Family Irrevocable Trust.

Gail C. Bertuzzi to Bertuzzi Family Irrevocable Trust.

Dennis Bowerman to Nicholas C. Heal and Kristin A. Heal.


Stephen Ricketts, Karen A. Ricketts, Stephen A. Ricketts and Karen Ricketts to Chase G. Craig.


Jane E. Stairs to Amber Lewis and Michael Lewis.

Wendy B. Rowland to Glendon Mehuren II and Sadee Mehuren.


Gabriel R. Dube and Jean L. Dube to Terry W. Brackett Jr.


Melina T. Yanez to Alana M. Rose and Carol Kuhn.

Alana M. Rose and Carol Kuhn to Alana M. Rose, Carol Kuhn and Mary Ellen M. Hitt.

Gregory D. Williams and Jane L. Williams to Gregory Francis David Williams Revocable Trust and Jane Lojek Williams Revocable Trust.


Corey J. Landry and Sarah B. Nichols to Charles E. Ferguson.


Viking Inc. to J. Blaine LLC.

Theresa Williams to David L. Marceau.

Block Brothers Custom Cabinets LLC to Brothers Field Enterprises LLC.

One Morrow Brook LLC to Nancy L. Hamilton 2013 Trust.


Rosemary Kozdra, Rosemary K. Kozdra, Joseph C. Kozdra Jr. and Joseph C. Kozdra to Joseph & Rosemary Kozdra Revocable Trust.


Clyde A. Tarr and Paula M. Tarr to Daniel M. Tarr.


Maine Farmland Trust Inc. to Unity Agricultural Center LLC.


Benjamin I. Tracy and Jessica Tracy to Lisa Boss.